Hughes to Finally Face Serra May 23


Matt Hughes posted on his web site that he will be facing Matt Serra on May 23 in Las Vegas.  Apparently, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva called Hughes with this tentative date.

If you can recall, Hughes and Serra faced off as coaches in The Ultimate Fighter 6.  Hughes’ personality constantly rubbed Serra the wrong way and Serra memorably call Hughes “a dick” on subsequent interviews.

Unfortunately, Serra’s back injury postponed their scheduled fight in December 2007 and Georges St Pierre stepped in his place to win the interim Welterweight title over Hughes.

Serra (9-5) will have last fought over a year ago when this fight takes place in May.  He lost his Welterweight title to Georges St Pierre last April 2008 and has not seen the cage since.

Likewise, Matt Hughes (42-7) has been absent from the cage for a while.  It will just be short of a year since fans have seen Hughes in the cage as he was last seen losing to Thiago Alves in June 2008.

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  1. Don says:

    Pretty unlikely but I really hope Serra kicks Hughes’s a$$

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