End of Season Awards

By: End of Season Awards

The 2008 season has finally come to close. Congratulations to Luke Boutin on winning the last event of the year. We will be starting the next season shortly, we just need a few days for end of season maintenance. In the meantime, as we did last year, here are the 2008 Season Player Awards:

Cageplay Cup [Most Correct Predictions]
Winner: Big Damn Jay – 195
Runner Up: Mr Evil Genius – 189

Heavy Bettor Trophy [Player Who Spent the Most on Bets (Min. 10 bets)]
Winner: Aman Sidhu – – $421,340
Runner Up: Marshes – $346,409

Coupon Clipper Certificate [Least Spent on Bets (Min. 10 bets)]
Winner: Cali Kid – – $300.00
Runner Up: Southgater – $2,400

MMA Strategist Prize [Most Bonus Money]
Winner: Mr Evil Genius – – $4,320
Runner Up: Big Damn Jay – $4,285

Prize Fighter Award [Most Prize Money]
Winner: Big Damn Jay – – $8,000
Runner Up: Bon – $7,000

Rasslin’ Fan Award [Lowest % Correct Predictions (Min. 10 Events Played)]
Winner: Dave DeCarle – 44.54%
Runner Up: wizerman – 46.50%

I’m Going to Disneyland Trophy [Player with the Most Money Won]
Winner: Aman Sidhu – $200,540
Runner Up: Pierre-Carl Labeau – $59,424

Poorhouse Plaque [Player with the Least Money Won]
Winner: Marc-Andre – $14,905
Runner Up: The Decimator – $13,094

No Guts No Glory Trophy [Highest % of Underdog Bets (Min. 10 bets)]
Winner: Nick Enns – 90.47%
Runner Up: Curtis Brigham – 90.19%

Better Safe Than Sorry Trophy [Highest % of Favourite Bets (Min. 10 bets)]
Winner: scooby10672 – 94.31%%
Runner Up: Conan Carlick – 92.85%

Let it Ride Award [Player with the largest Single Bet]
Winner: Aman Sidhu – $150,000
Runner Up: Marshes – $100,000

High Roller Trophy [Player with Largest Bet Amount Average]
Winner: Marshes – $15,061.78
Runner Up: Pierre-Carl Labeau – $8,713

Nickel Slots Ribbon [Player with Smallest Bet Amount Average (Min. 10 bets)]
Winner: Tadpohl – $68
Runner Up: Kickass32 – $73

You Might Have A Gambling Problem Award [Player with Most Number of Bets]
Winner: Rob Langin – 256
Runner Up: Dave DeCarle – 220

Rookie of the Year
Winner: Andrew Stewart
Runner Up: Jay Rodgers

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