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Iroquois MMA Championships

There has been a lot of  debate surrounding Marc-Andre Drolet‘s recently posted article entitled Grand River Athletics Commission is Bad for MMA.  To get the other side of this argument, caught up to the CEO of the Grand River Athletics Corporation and the Matchmaker for the Iroquois MMA Championships (IMMAC), Jason King.  King wants to dispel the notion that IMMAC does not make fighter safety a priority and clear up misunderstandings caused by the original article.

Fighter Safety a Priority at IMMAC

In Grand River Athletics Commission is Bad for MMA, there is an account of fighter Bernie Antle being hit with an illegal elbow and then suffering repeated blows before the referee stopped the fight.  This occurred on the Iroquois MMA 6 card on November 22nd.  Reports from spectators, including Eric Wong, suggested that Antle was injured and had to wait in the cage for 45 minutes before an ambulance arrived at the event.  King disagrees, “We have had ambulances present at every fight.  I do not know where they are looking because it is parked right beside the arena.”  King further adds that the cageside doctor and paramedics immediately were tending to Antle in the cage.  These professionals decided that it was better to tend to Antle in the cage rather than moving him.  After 45 minutes, they finally brought him to the ambulance which took him to the hospital. “Antle was back from the hospital by around the 8th fight that night and he personally thanked me for the way that we took care of him,” states King.  “We do not rush injured fighters out of the cage just so we can get the next fight started.”

Suspended Fighters Not Allowed on IMMAC Cards

King also addresses the allegations that IMMAC allows fighters who are suspended by other commissions to fight at Six Nations’ events.  “Iroquois honors all suspensions of all fighters, ” King says.  “However, we do not honor suspensions given to fighters just because they fought on our shows.”  The Unified Commissions have decided not to license fighters who fight on IMMAC shows (exception is Quebec where William Romero and Markhaile Wedderburn are scheduled to fight on XMMA).  This is now up for review with the Unified Commissions and they are expected to issue a statement on this later in January.

However, Bernie Antle was a suspended fighter when he fought on IMMAC 6.  He fought on a Raw Combat show on October 25, was TKO’d and then suspended by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission during which he fought for IMMAC on November 22.  King responds, “I was told by Bernie’s manager that our show was going to be his first contest. I trusted someone and I guess as we are learning that this sport has a lot of deception involved with it.”

IMMAC is not the only promotion to have made this mistake.  The UGC, sanctioned by the Quebec Athletic Commission, allowed Tim Skidmore to fight on their card one week after he was suspended for a month by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission after losing a fight on a Viper MMA card.  In fact, the next week Skidmore then approached IMMAC to fight on their September card but was refused as IMMAC would not allow the suspended fighter on their card.

Was Shaun Krysa Suspended?

King also clarifies the Shaun Krysa situation addressed in the Grand River Athletics Commission is Bad for MMA article.  Krysa suffered a glancing blow which dropped him in his IMMAC 6 fight.  Krysa immediately got up but the referee, worried about fighter safety, stopped the fight.  As it was a TKO, the Grand River Athletic Commission suspended Krysa immediately for 30 days.  Later, King was told that the sentence was reduced to 15 days after Krysa, a doctor, and the Grand River Athletic Commission reviewed the fight and deemed Krysa healthy to fight on the Fight Spirit Championship card on December 15.

IMMAC Saves Fighters’ Payday and FSC Card

“I nor anyone involved with the IMMAC is involved with the FSC,” King emphatically states.  It should be brought to the public’s attention that the IMMAC saved the FSC card after the event was severely mismanaged by FSC organizers.  King stresses that “the IMMAC paid for the the show from personnel to the fighters.  That is our level of committment we try to bring to the table….The show would not have happened without us (IMMAC) giving reassurances to the fighters that they would be looked after.”  Once it was obvious that the card was doomed to failure, the IMMAC stepped in to save the card as it was being held in their hometown and in the IMMAC venue.  Without the IMMAC dipping into their own wallet, fans and fighters would have been left without a show and without paydays.

The Beast Returns to the Iroquois Nation

With all the commotion surrounding the promotion, will the IMMAC take a breather for a while and lay low?  Not a chance, according to King.  King was gracious enough to announce to readers that Dan “The Beast” Severn will be headlining the IMMAC 7 card on January 24.  King is aware that this is the same night as the Affliction card, but rebuts criticism stating, “Card dates are subject to many things including arena availability.  Do you really want to spend $50 and watch Arlovski quickly lose to Fedor or do you want to come down and watch live MMA.”  This MMA fan always supports the live show.  Ticket information for the IMMAC 7 card will be available on the Iroquois MMA Championship website. As always, the card will also be available live online at the website for those who cannot attend in person for $9.99.   With the FSC around, IMMAC is not the only promotion in Ontario anymore, but it still is the best promotion in Ontario.

Grand River Athletics Commission is NOT the Grand River Athletics Corporation

It is important to note that Jason King is not a member of the Commission, he is the CEO of the Corporation that runs the Iroquois MMA Championship cards that are sanctioned by the Commission. When asked, Jason was not willing to divulge the names of the members of the Commission. did find that Corporation President Bill Monture did meet with his Six Nations’ General Council to get approval to form a Commission in December/2007 but was declined (General Council Minutes, December 18, 2007). will continue its search for the members of the Grand River Athletics Commission for their comments.

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  1. Anonymous says:


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  2. Anonymous says:

    I concur…everyone knows IMMAC are crooks…I know the FSC guys and I know people who know about the real IMMAC…and from the latter I can state with a degree of certainty that these are surely fabrications made by Mr.King and should be taken as lies from a group who has been accused of swindling everyone since their very first show, shame on you Mr King. SHAME!

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  3. I’d like to thank Mr. Jason King. He took the time to speak with my editor Keith Grienke even though I “Myself” was critical of the Grand River Athletics Commission.

    He gladly went on the record, and I would like to extend the same courtesy to the FSC promoters if they feel they need to speak.

    But if you are going to call somebody out and be so critical, at least have the balls to use your real name. If anybody has a problem, they should speak freely and directly about it.

    I can be reached at if anybody has anything they’d like to share.

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  4. Joshua "The Saxon Battle Axe" Ottley says:

    As PR Director for the FSC, I must direct my own PERSONAL opinion on this matter. I know that accusations, pointing fingers and most especially all out lies are not the prerogative of Fight Sport Championship…we made novice mistakes…everyone does..but Jason has gone on record by saying things that are the exact opposite of truth, we enlisted their help, and they asserted most of the control, not due to the aforementioned novice mistakes, as they weren’t exactly made yet; we were in need of their assistance as the GRAC is through them, (cough) plain and simple. Their tiptoe around the truth about their own organization is laughable. I wont go forward with the truth known to me at this time….I await official comment from my superiors. On an even more personal note: This childish answer to severed loose ties and a new competition on the block is deplorable to me. My peers and I, we do this for the love of the sport, and were eager to get our first show put on, and I PERSONALLY regret being so hasty as to resort to working with slanderous and manipulative individuals such as the Grand River Athletics Commission/Coroporation…(are they one in the same?). My word for the week is ETHICS, ladies and gentlemen. I thank Keith Grienke and Marc-Andre Drolet for extending their courtesy and curiosity on this matter. May its volatility go no further, though.

    With love and respect to all my MMA brothers and sisters, sincerely, Joshua J.S.E. Ottley Esq.

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  5. I would like to say Mr King hit the nail on the head…those guys are running decent shows out there.. i have a strong feeling because of who they are is the reason some people want to discredit them..keep going guys you have alot of support out there.

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  6. Check out there letter from there true council the Conferacey @ IQMMA.CA they are the one’s who sit at with the government re land claims at the table..not band council.

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  7. Matthew Dunning says:

    With all do respect to to Josh, the FSC was a total and utter mess!I was there as I had a fighter fighting that night.I also know the guys who run it.They did not do what they said they would do and that is FACT!!!!Those idiots give us all in ontario a bad name.They want to make things right then how about paying people like they were suppose to.I am with Jason on this one if it was not for IQMMA are fighters would not have gotten paid!This was not a question of rookie mistakes it was plain and simple a bunch of kids thinking they could make money off of fighters and then not pay them in the end!Well guess what everything is out in the open now so grow some balls and own up to it all.

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  8. Phillip W. Skye says:

    Sgeno Swagwe:goh

    Okay, after spending the past 1/2 hour reading all of the preceding posts…allow me to shed some light in your obviously darkened universe (except Tony Lee, you Da Man! and Brian Littlewood)

    So, first of all…Grand River Athletics Commission, and the subsequent Events they sanction have absolutely nothing to do with the “Issue of Legality” in the Provinve of Ontario. Once Canadian Law begins to abide itself, It’s Constitution, It’s Charter of Rights…then perhaps, just perhaps Six Nations of the Grand River and Canada may have something to being dialoguing about…Six Nations of the Grand River is not, let me repeat that: Six Nations of the Grand River is NOT now part of Canada, nor has it ever been…Six Nations of the Grand River, to say the very least is not now, nor ever will be a part of the Province of Ontario.

    All politico BS aside, it comes down to this:
    FACT #1: Six Nations is now, and always will be; SOVERIEGN TERRITORY. We have never been defeated, conquered in warfare or other forms of open hostilities, nor have we ever acceded our Ability, and Right to Self-Determination, and Self-Rule/Self-Government. EVER. The fact is, Section 83 of the Ontario Criminal Code simply DOES NOT APPLY to IQMMA Events, nor to the Commission itself. Whilst you may choose not to believe this, it does not in any way alter the FACT. They lied to you in school. The Grand River Athletics Commission is a self-determining entity with full right, and responsibility to sanction such MMA events, as well as to oversee all aspects of combatant safety, both pre and post event.

    FACT #2: As one of the Heads of Event Security, I personally vouchsafe for the presence of not only emergency medical personnel on-site, but also for the normal procedure of having an ambulance on sight. As Bernie Antle was to be taken to the nearby hospital in Hagersville, Ont., it was an unfortunate requirement that Haldimand County EMS were dispatched, and the EMS on site were not the attending personnel, for that reason only. It is standard practice at every IQMMA Event to have EMS and a ring side physician in attendance. If however events beyond the Commission’s control erupt, (such as having to take a fighter to hospital, and separate County EMS being dispatched) then there is unfortunately very little that can be done to rectify the situation, at the time of the situation. As for “Why” it took 30 minutes for an ambulane to come from Hagersville, which is only 10 minutes away, I cannot say. It is also worth noting that Mr. Antle was able to return to the event before the end of the evening, and spectate.

    FACT #3: As long as Mr. Ken Hayashi is the Commissioner of Boxing and Prizefighting in the Province of Ontario noone will likely EVER SEE A LIVE PROFESSIONAL MMA Event in Ontario. This is just one of the reasons why Section 83 still exists, and will for some time to come. So take a minute, and let that just percolate in your brains. Why do you think you otherwise have to go to Quebec, or the United States to compete, and to spectate? I would encourage everyone to dig a little deeper into the issues of Control, over the sport of Professional Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts, and specifically, Boxing. Boxing is a dying sport, and one of the only ways to maintain it’s tenuous hold is to cower behind Section 83, as it’s saving grace. Word.

    FACT # 4: Professionalism is always the Order of the Day at IQMMA events. Were it not so, I am absolutely certain that I would not be approached by so many people, time after time, whom simply wish to express gratitude. Gratitude for the events that we put on, as well as gratitude for the level of professionalism displayed; from ensuring that all supplies needed by the Fighters are available in the Dressing Rooms, to ensuring safety in their entrances to the Cage, to the level of professionalism around the Cage, and in servicing the People Whom Truly Matter: The Fans. That’s right, gentlemen, at every event I go through the same motions…oveseeing Internal Security, Supervising Guest/Combatant Services, and mostly, taking care of The Fans. It is the Fans whom time and again appreciate all that is done to ensure that a quality product is being delivered, at no cost or expense of the Fighters. If you don’t believe it, I wouold heartily encourage you to buy a ticket, and see the event for yourself, rather than sit back an jump on the Anti-Native Bandwagon. If the Fans do not see a quality product, then the services of the Fighters wouldn’t be necessary, now would they?

    That’s the way it is, fellas. Again, whether or not you choose to believe in something does not alter it’s existence, nor it’s ability to succeed.

    To the Anonymous “people” whom would like to hate on the Six Nations: Go ahead, make my day, shoot me an e-mail:


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  9. Et says:

    There are many accusations about the Grand River Athletic Commission and Corporation being crooks and bad for the sport but no one says why.
    The rumours of the IQMMAC’s not being concerned with the fighters safety is nothing but a rumour so that isn’t a bid deal and jealousy comes in many forms, one being trying to discredit what you wish you had done. Anyone involved with the tedious task of planning these fights understands the safety precautions taken. I understand that is just people who are looking to criticize. That will always happen.
    How though did anyone arrive at the conclusion that the corporation and commision are crooks? I don’t want to bash FSC at all, they did they best they could with the tools they had, hopefully they learned a bit and will do better next time. They should have paid the fighters, they didn’t, end of story.
    If you’re a fan of the sport, truly a fan that wants to see this grow then why bash the ONLY place in Ontario that you can watch them. If you honestly think you could do better, why not send an email with suggestions rather than hiding behind forums and bashing. Why not be productive?
    I have been involved with the fights since day one and can honestly say that the GRAC is doing everything right. It’s a learning process for everyone and considering the magnitude of the events that are put on they are doing an amazing job. The safety of the fighters is the NUMBER 1 concern, why wouldn’t it be. They want the fighters to return and help the show grow, why would they jeopardize that?
    What about all the return fighters, especially ones like Severn who have been involved in the business and sport for years. Would he return to a show that was unsafe or not good for the sport?
    As for the legal issue, really, if you are non-Native you have so much to learn about the issues surrounding land claims before you can comment on anything about that. You need to research the last couple centuries to fully understand how and why these fights can run “in” Ontario.
    As a non-Native working on the territory for 2 years I can honestly say to other non-Natives that it is completely legitimate that the fights take place. The jurisdictional issues are not issues of the Six Nations, just those who are trying to impose laws on the territory that don’t apply, and never have.
    I have yet to hear a legitimate argument about why or how these fights aren’t great for the sport. If you truly appreciated the sport and wanted to see it grow you would research the issues and come to the conclusion that this can only help the sport and that Bill Monture and Jason King, as well as the whole Monture family and the commissioners are taking every precaution necessary and then some to ensure the safety of the fights.
    If anyone has a legitimate argument that is not just bitching to bitch I would like to hear it. Specific details of why this isn’t good, not the blanket easy to say “they aren’t safe” comments, Specifics please.
    People sitting at home finding reasons to try and discredit the organization and the fights really need to either get on board and support or move on to something else because these fights aren’t going anywhere.

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