TUF Finale Prize Winners



Ryan Bader and Efrain Escudero may have won the TUF 8 Finale and the six figure contract, but it was Cageplay members Mike MacDonald and Luke Boutin who won the Cageplay prizes !!!

Mike MacDonald went 9-1 and only missed perfection by mistakenly picking Phillipe Nover over Efrain Escudero.  He wins a Submit Gear T-Shirt and Launch Gum for his win.

Luke Boutin is the 2nd place winner.  Luke went 8-2 and wins a Launch Gum T-Shirt as well as Launch Gum!

Congratulations to both winners !  The next event will be UFC 92 featuring some great matchups.  Its not too early to get your picks in at

If you have not signed up yet, now would be a great time because if you don’t play, you don’t win.

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