Video: Corey Hill Leg Break


Not much needs to be said here, other than we hope Corey has a speedy recovery. He had surgery today and is expected to be out 18 months.

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9 Responses to “ Video: Corey Hill Leg Break ”

  1. shitty deal
    its good to know you used my source lol
    have a good one

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  2. I only use trusted sources.

    I found a higher quality one but was too long.

    I thought the broken arm was the nastiest injury last night.

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  3. lol yeah
    the leg break was epic
    ….the other guy didn’t even know it happened

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Hartt showed so much class. When new people would see the leg break, some might have a bad impression of MMA. But when they saw Hartt’s genuine concern, they would see some of the good of MMA.

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  5. Steve Reed says:

    that was horrific! The arm break wasnt as bad in my opinion. It looks like rubber!! LMFAO

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  6. It was truly a vicious ultimate fight night with some horrible injuries ending fights.

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  7. Don says:

    This event had the most amount of damage and injuries I have seen in one night. What a truly emotional, standing in front of the TV because the edge of my seat was too far away, night. Now don’t get me wrong, I cringe every time I watch Corey’s leg snap and flop around like a fish out of water, but I can’t look away either. I also hate to see something like this happen because I know this is his money maker and no amount of money could surely be enough to compensate for an injury like this.. but seriously… holy fricken wow man!! I am sure this type of publicity can’t be good for the sport either and perhaps that is the reason this fight wasn’t televised? Of course respect for the fighter has to come into play here as well.

    So this card provided us with:
    1) Impressive, highlight reel worthy, footage of Koscheck’s knockout punches to Yoshida
    2) Razak’s arm popping will to not tap – not sure what he was thinking there?? I mean someone explained the rules to him right? You ARE allowed to tap.
    3) And did you see the size of lump that literally extended inches from Wolff’s forehead? I was shocked, I mean this guy has his own sunshade visor going on now !!
    4) Corey Hill’s unfortunate, where’s my puke bucket I can’t watch that again, broken leg.

    Can anyone else think of a card where there was so much devastation? I obviously don’t mean the emotional devastation like when Matt Sera accidentally walked away with George St. Pierre’s belt :)

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  8. Sorry I mean I though the arm was the worst break until the next day when i saw this video!

    Definately the leg was the worst I’ve ever seen in MMA. I saw a similar break in Kickboxing years ago too.

    Don, good points. That lump was insane! wtf! You know it’s a big headache when you can see it!

    Thank god for Koshchek and Swick.

    At least the crowd was full of military folks who might be more used to the injuries.

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  9. Jimmy T says:

    OMG that’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen!

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