Video Update: Goodridge Walks Out During Match


A couple of weeks ago, posted a story on a situation involving Gary Goodridge.  The article, entitled “Goodridge Walks Out During Match Against Nemeth Gabor“, was based on Gary’s account of the fight primarily from his Facebook posting.  Apparantly, Nemeth “Tatar” Gabor refused to let go of the ropes on every attempt that Gary made to take him down.  With the referee not doing anything to penalize Gabor, Gary left the ring rather than continue to fight.

Finally, Cageplay has tracked down the video for the Gabor vs Goodridge fight and fans can  watch the entire fight.  Watch and judge for yourselves whether Goodridge’s actions are justified.



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  1. Ryan says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Gary had good reason to be upset…Gabor wouldn’t let go of the ropes & the ref did practically nothing to stop it or penalize. I hope appropriate action is brought against the ref…

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  2. spawn says:

    gary is washed up not sure whats hes doing

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  3. Matt Dunning says:

    I totally agree whith what Gary did!!!The did nothing to stop him from grabbing the ropes.I am just suprised Gary waited that long to leave the arena!!

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  4. Here’s my thoughts:

    It was the first round and we both went into ring. I gave some great kicks to Tatar, my opponent. Then I did my usual strategy of putting up my gloves to cover my face while my opponent tires out. The referee stopped the match at this point, and took points away from me for no apparent reason. There was some protest in both corners, mine and his. Then the match continued…

    Boxing happened as per expected, and I gave some kicks and punches out, but mostly kicks as this was my winning strategy going in…Tatar held onto the ropes 20 times up to his arm pits. John Gnap told me it looked like a professional wrestling match.

    I got behind my opponent and grabbed his legs to pull him off the ropes…the referee then stopped the match again and gave Tatar no penalty points. Once the match was started again, I took my opponent down to the mat. I was in control on top, and was looking for an arm bar. Just then, the referee stopped the fight again and made us stand.

    After a 2 minute break it was round 2, and we both exchanged punches. My opponent pushed me into ropes, and I snuck out many times and gave him some knees. He was grabbing onto the ropes again to escape from my attack. John Gnap later told me that he had slapped Tatar’s hands about 10 times for holding the ropes, but it took a long while before the referee stopped the match again. At this point, I was pretty ticked off.

    The referee wanted to start us again by the end of round 2, but I walked out of the ring, went to the change room, took a shower, and left the venue to go back to the hotel…this is the first time I have walked out of the ring in my 14 years of fighting…

    The word was that my opponent got the belt…I felt that this was set up from the beginning. I was mad as hell at the referee’s lack of professionalism and not following fighting rules.

    While in the change room, a popular Hungarian boxing writer, Janos Perutek, commented on how shameful this was against his country and that I did the right thing to walk out of the ring. He also apologized to me on everyone’s behalf, his country’s behalf. He told me that he will do a write up and will call it a “No Contest”. John Gnap couldn’t believe it…he was ready to go in there and pull my opponent out he told me after. The audience didn’t care, cause he was their hometown guy.

    A fight is hard enough as it is, at age 42…I have to fight the opponent and the referee, and then I get all the penalties too…whatever… they can take their bullshit and I’m walking out of this one…

    I feel very justified in my actions, but I understand the frustration from Gilbert Yvel. After a month now has gone by, I really wish I would have punched the referee in the head to try to knock some sense into him. Let this be a lesson to all fighters who are leaving their countries to fight in Hungary. Be careful…money first and ensure you know all the rules…

    All the best,
    Gary Goodridge

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  5. Deb says:

    That referee should be hanging his head in shame! He is lucky Goodridge didn’t suffer injury-isn’t he there to impose and ensure a ‘fair’ fight’? BOTH ways?! And he didn’t seem too concerned who saw how ridiculously biased he was-not the crowd-not the cameras and certainly not the fighters! And what an embarrassing way for Gabor to ‘win’ a fight! Do you think that’s how he saw that? Do you think that’s how the crowd saw it? A win?? wow!

    It’s sad that Goodridge was invited to their country-their home-and was treated with such disrespect!

    Goodridge showed a hell of a lot more restraint then I could have!

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  6. Dizzy Doc says:

    Gary Goodridge should just quit….. I’m surprised the ref let the fight continue after the first round – Goodridge was very defensive and although most punches weren’t going through, he had no ambition in fighting back. The referee can give him a standing 8 count or give a warning or take a point off as he was not fighting back. His opponent was wide open throwing tiring punches in the first round – what the hell was Goodridge waiting for?

    He was never a game fighter when it came to the UFC… Pride… whatever. He must have good connections to continue in the fight game.

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  7. Manon says:

    Gary was justified…

    Gary left the ring professionally, with dignity and pride for himself and the sport. He even bowed not once, but twice, with his hands clasped together, out of respect to the audience and the spirit of the sport as he left the ring. I commend this! I am a proud Canadian supporter of his respect shown!

    Gary fought by the rules, and even though clearly frustrated with the referee’s lack of skill and fairness, Gary still showed showmanship, patience, and true sportsmanship. Gary kept to his game plan, regardless of all the incorrect decisions by the referee. When his opponent was down, Gary offered his hand in support, but Tatar did not even look up. Tatar not only showed disrespect right then and there, he also showed it throughout the fight, as he must have clearly known how the referee was favoritizing him. Plus, Tatar lifted his arms in “unachieved victory” as Gary walked out of the ring – what disrespect again. The whole time I watched the youtube fight, I must have said, “That’s Bullshit”, about 50 times!

    Gary was tiring Tatar out as his typical strategy, so yes, he was taking shots. Every time he went for the kill, the referee stopped him – whatever! Tatar couldn’t even hurt him with his wimpy punches and off balance stance. Tatar did not win this fight at all…and Gary never had the chance to win it…I wish Gary could knock out the referee, then we’d see Tatar running like a coward…

    Hungary, as a country, better correct this mess, as this looks poorly on them as a nation and supporter of the fight sport. The war-torn country continues to bomb itself! I am shocked at its disrespect as well, to Gary and the sport. Thank you to Gary for making the statement he did, cause if I were there, be rest assured, everyone in that arena would have heard me scream, and justice would have been served!

    These things take time to penetrate and find truth…I am confident that most people now realize how justified Gary truly was – he deserves that victory – he is the true winner! Kudos Gary Goodridge!

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  8. Long time no talk, Thanks for giving us your take on the experience Gary.

    Sorry you had to go through that. I say never fight in Hungary again!

    That was a wierd fight. What’s next big guy?

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  9. Vanessa says:

    Standing behind that walk out decission 110%. The ref did a tacky job at refin’ this fight. Who would stick around for that. I wanted to knock some into the ref myself just watchin’ it. They make rules for reasons…don’t they??? That ref needs to sit down and get re-trained on what his job requires him to do. That was NOT a fair fight! You can’t ref only one side. He chose to do that over and over again during the fight. He “chose” to not ref a fair fight & Gary “chose” to do the right thing and step out of the ring with much respect i might add! Gary was right in what he did. Way to represent your country Gary… did us proud!

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  10. Jason says:

    I would have done the same thing if I were Gary. The smell of Goulash alone would have prompted me!

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  11. Don says:

    I can’t believe how much that angered me just watching it… I couldn’t imagine how frustrated and pissed off I would be if I were Goodridge. I likely would have done something stupid like punch the ref or try and take it out on Gabor – albeit with many cheap shots as possible.

    I agree with Goodridge walking out and kudos to him for having the class and dignity to not do anything stupid like I would have !

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  12. Don says:

    Oh and a big THANKS to for following up with this story !! After reading the last article I was left wanting to see the video or have some follow up reports.

    Thanks !!

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  13. […] of, we now have video of the fight were Gary Goodridge walks out halfway through the second round […]

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  14. Jason says:

    I think that no fighter should ever leave a ring until match is complete. No matter what the outcome of the match don’t be a quiter. Let the evidence show after the fight. Gary I respect you and have been a fan for the last 13 years but I disagree with the way you left the fight. I know it was not a fair match but never leave the ring until the last bell rings!!!!!!!

    Still a fan

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  15. chase says:

    that was some bullshit

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  16. GARY I’m just surprised that you didn’t “KNOCK” some sense in to that joke of a ref. before you walked out the ring! I don’t care what anyone says, YOU HAD EVERY RIGHT! the way you were treated in that fight was a disgrace to you and your country!

    No matter, you are still the greatest and have a huge fan base all around the world that love, adore and respect you and that are behind you 100%! YOU ARE A MAN OF HONOR right down to the very last second that you chose to leave, you did it gracefully!

    one of your biggest fans,


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  17. Mr Muppet says:

    Gary walks out because he can’t fight, not because the other guy was cheating. RETIRE

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