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Make sure you enter your picks at as Wednesday is Ultimate Fight Night 16: Fight for the Troops.  At the event, Josh Koshchek will be taking on Yoshiyuki Yoshida in the main event, while Mike Swick faces off against top Canadian welterweight Jonathon Goulet.

Winners of the UFN 16 event will receive the following free prizes:

1st Place in Predictions: Submit Gear T-shirt, Launch Gum, and $2,500 Cageplay Bucks.

2nd Place in Predictions: Launch Gum T-Shirt, Launch Gum, and $1,500 Cageplay Bucks.

3rd to 6th place in Predictions: $1,000 Cageplay Bucks

7th to 10th Place in Predictions: $500 Cageplay Bucks

We would like to thank our sponsors for this event: Submit Gear and Launch Gum.

Also be sure to get your picks in for this Saturdays Ultimate Fighter Finale.

Last week’s WEC Winners:

Congrats on last week’s WEC winners: our own Big Damn Jay winning, and  TheWhit, who both went 10-0 on their predictions.  It came down to a tiebreaker with Big Damn Jay coming out on top due to picking more correct methods of victory and rounds.

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