Big Damn Jay’s UFN 16 Breakdown


Once in a while, Cageplay will ask one of our top fantasy bettors to post their predictions on an upcoming event.  Well, in 2008 no one has topped the Cageplay leader boards as much as Big Damn Jay.  Cageplay’s own Jason “Big Jay” Kolbauer is number one at fantasy betting with the most winning picks in 2008 and stands second in picking percentage among those who have picked over 100 fights (JodyBanman is first).  Kolbauer is a founder, developer, and administrator of

As for UFC’s Fight Night 16: Fight for the Troops, it is being held Wednesday, December 10.  Josh Koscheck headlines the card and Mike Swick will be facing Jonathan Goulet as well.  Here are Big Damn Jay’s picks for the card.  Make sure you sign up at for your chance to make picks and win prizes from Submit Gear and Launch Gum.

Josh Koschek vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Some may say that Koschek is bad pick with the Intellectual Rights/UFC Video Game fiasco weighing on his mind. While I am not his biggest fan, he fights to teeth every time and is an incredible athlete. He gave Thiago Alves a run for his money with only 2 weeks notice in his last fight. Since Yoshida wins most of his fights by TKO, and Thiago couldn’t finsh Kos on the feet, I don’t feel Yoshida will.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Josh Koschek


Mike Swick vs Jonathan Goulet

Since dropping to welterweight, Mike “Quick” Swick is undefeated in his last 2 bouts against decent opponents. Canadian Jonathan Goulet is also undefeated in his last 3 including an incredible fight of the night performance against Kuniyoshi Hironaka. I believe Swick will be the better of the 2 tonight as he is supposedly fighting injury free for once and has much better hands against the not so granite chin of Goulet.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Mike Swick


Tim Credeur vs Nate Loughran

Both fighters seem to favor winning their matches by submission. This is a tough one to pick but if a choice is to be made it should go to the more active fighter with the most octagon experience. I for one though believe that a card rarely has wins for all the predicted favorites and there is always 1 or 2 upsets per card, so to hell with conformity.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Nate Loughran


Steve Cantwell vs Razak Al-Hussan

Former WEC LHW Champ Steve Cantwell makes his debut against an undefeated and photogenic Razak Al-Hussan. Don’t know much about Al-Hussan but he could be sleeper and upset the favored Cantwell. Hard one to pick.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Steve Cantwell


Steve Bruno vs Johnny Rees

Both fighters are coming off losses in their UFC debuts, so this is an important match for both of them. If I were Rees, I would definitely try and get this fight to the ground where he should be able to submit the American Top Teamer.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Johnny Rees


Justin McCully vs Eddie Sanchez

Again both fighters are coming off losses in the somewhat ho-hum heavyweight division. These 2 share an opponent in that of the hard kicking Dutchman, Antoni Hardonk. While Sanchez lost to a 2nd Round TKO, McCully beat Antoni by a Unanimous Decision. Expect Team Punishment’s McCully to grind out a GNP victory over hard headed Sanchez.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Justin McCully


Jim Miller vs Matt Wiman

The Former IFL fighter versus the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 alum. I have always been a fan of the Miller brothers since I heard they were coming to the UFC and they have proved they can win and win on short notice. Jim is undefeated in his last 7 with a majority of wins declared by submission. Matt “Handsome” Wiman has had to deal with a lot of personal issues this year and that still may play a factor in this fight.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Jim Miller


Brodie Farber vs Luigi Fioravanti

Brodie Farber is coming off a loss to Rory Markham due to a Highlight Reel Headkick KO. Luigi has a ton of Octagon experience and I believe he is pretty hungry for this win.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Luigi Fioravanti


Dale Hartt vs Corey Hill

Corey Hill is coming off a loss to Justin Buchholz. Corey was winning the fight until he made a mistake that cost him a win via rear naked choke. Dale also lost via RNC to Shannon Gugerty in his last outing. Hill should have a signifigant reach advantage in this fight however since is no longer training with the Miletich team, this could play a roll in his performance. He should be able to pull it out if he keeps his errors in check.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Corey Hill


Ben Saunders vs Brandon Wolff

Ben Saunders should win. No science, no math, just instinct. Plus I am tired of writing.

Big Damn Jay’s Pick: Ben Saunders


After emailing this detailed write up, Big Damn Jay emailed back stating that he does tend to go back to the Cageplay site to change his picks right up to fight time as new information about the fighters becomes available.  Don’t worry about the masterful Big Damn Jay winning those prizes either.  As a Cageplay insider, Jason is not eligible to win them but he does get to keep his Cageplay bucks !

Thanks Jason and good luck to everyone.

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  1. Props to Josh Koscheck coming off of a recent loss to Thiago Alves and stepping up and getting the KO against Yoshida. I have been a Koscheck fan for a while now, and I am glad he was able to bounce back from the UD a month and a half ago. Overall, UFN 16 was a good productions, and I am looking forward to the next!

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  2. Well….Big Damn Jay did not go 10-0 like he did for WEC 37 but he did go 7 for 10. This is a very good percentage for picking winners and is above his 68.5% percentage in 2008.

    Good job B.D.J !!!

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