Ian Dawe – Hotel Blues – Chapter 23


The hard-drive on my mac crashed today….and although I have only owned the computer for a short period of time, I lost a number of important picture albums, music, and blogs.

WARNING: This entry may not flow as well as some of my past blogs, but I thought it would be interesting to post something without editing or over thinking it.

I have been sitting at the table of my hotel room for the last half an hour trying to scribble my thoughts onto some pieces of paper I found in the room. Normally putting down rough ideas isn’t  too difficult for me, but tonight something is different. I am having an incredibly hard time staying focused.

I can’t take my eyes off the picture in front of me.

The picture is of an empty park bench from the perspective of someone sitting alone. Now, maybe I am looking way too deep into a simple picture, but, I can’t help but to relate to this image. It has become painfully obvious to me that although being alone has allowed me to get in touch with the man I am, and the person I aspire to be, the true beauty in life lies in the moments we can share with others…

There has been no shortage of people interested in writing stories, articles, and films bout Evan’s life since his passing. Although I appreciate and understand their curiosity, I often got the impression that these individuals were more interested in meeting their deadlines than Evan’s message.

Needless to say, I cut contact with the majority of these people.

However, I felt compelled to share as much as I could with those who were interested in Evan’s life and message. A decision based solely on my friends belief in the eternal resonation of our words and actions as well as the significance he placed upon genuine human interaction and kindness. I can only hope that by reaching out and sharing my memories of Evan that I can somehow contribute to a better and safer world.

We’ll see.

It is no secret that staying in the gym has been something I have struggled with over the past few months. Nagging injuries and personal problems have made it extremely difficult for me to develop any sense of consistency in my training program. By stepping away from the sport for a little while I allowed myself to come to terms with a lot of things that had been bothering me and move forward. An outcome well worth a small decline in my physical conditioning.

While I have been hitting the weight-room and training pretty steadily over the past two weeks, today marked a new beginning for me in terms of purpose and determination.

I just signed a one fight contract with W-1, a world-class organization founded in the wake of TKO. This means that I will be fighting in their first show March 28th in Gatineau, appropriated titled, ‘Inception’.

Although I was looking to get back in the fight game a lot earlier than March, I am looking forward to staying in the gym and becoming a much better athlete and well rounded fighter.

Once again I will make my return to the area that has witnessed some of the greatest highs and lows of my life…

Riding dirty…they see me bloggin’, they hatin’.

3 Responses to “ Ian Dawe – Hotel Blues – Chapter 23 ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    im very disappointed in you Lazer…you did not make fun of Robin, even once, in that article.

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  2. Robin Black says:


    ( Hi! )

    I think Ian’s gonna focus on what he is gifted at, which is writing with honesty and passion.

    He’ll leave you to focus on the things that you’re good at. (Yes, one of those is mocking me, and I secretly like the attention…)

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  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Ian sounds like a great guy. But everyone can learn to be better. One way to become a better person, is to make fun of Robin. It works. I feel better every time.
    Love ya sweety!

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