UCW 14 Results: Saskatchewan Fighters Dominate


It was a great night of fights in Winnipeg last night as over 2000 people showed up to meet Andrei Arlovski and watch some Mixed Martial Arts fights at the Convention Centre.  UCW: November to Remember had eleven fights on the card which was announced as the most ever held in one Ultimate Cage Wars card.

Saskatchewan fighters really showed the fans which province comes to fight as all five of their fighters won in convincing fashion.  In the main event, Kurt Southern, from Saskatoon, showed dominating ground and pound in his TKO win over Kevin Manderson.  Janz Stein, fighting out of Regina, quickly submitted Robin Black in the semi-main event.  Three other Saskatoon fighting out of Sheer’s MMA, Scott Richardson, Warren Phillips, and Jose Rodriguez, also took home victories.

UCW 14: November to Remember Results

Main Event

  • Kurt Southern submits Kevin Manderson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

After an initial exchange on their feet, Southern impressively slams down former Winnipeger Kevin Manderson.  Southern, fighting out of the Alliance Gym in Saskatoon, lands some huge lefts from top position on the ground.  After scrambling to their feet, Manderson is on the receiving end of hard left high kick followed up by a punch.  Kurt Southern takes Manderson’s back and submits him via Rear Naked Choke early in the first round.

  • Janz Stein submits Robin Black by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 1:36

Cageplay.com interviewed both fighters prior to the bout and Stein prefered the ground and Black probably wanted to keep it standing to neutralize Stein’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  In the fight, Janz Stein quickly got the fight to the ground and landed some blows while in Black’s guard.  While trying to escape from the bottom, Black gave up his back and Stein got his hooks in and slapped on a Rear Naked Choke.  Black was forced to tap out at 1:36.

  • Andrew Elliott defeats Victor Daychief by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-26,30-27)

Although Victor Daychief fights out of Lethbridge, he has become a Winnipeg favorite for his last two exciting wins in UCW.  Elliott, fighting out of Thunder Bay, has not fought in a year but is undefeated coming into the bout.

In round one, Daychief comes out swinging hard before he is caught an Elliott left high kick and tries to throw him across the cage.  Elliott than catches Daychief’s kick and uses it to sweep Daychief to the mat.  Elliott uses his wrestling to control the fight on the ground from Daychief’s guard or side control.  By the end of the round, Elliott has Daychief’s back, riding Daychief and pounding on him with blows to the ears.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Elliott.

The second round starts with Daychief having small cuts around both eyes.  Elliott starts off with a few leg kicks.  Elliott’s dominant wrestling gets him the takedown and eventually Elliott is on Daychief’s back once again raining blows down on Victor.  Daychief has no defense and ground positions switch from Elliott on Daychief’s back to Elliott in Daychief’s guard a number of times.  At one point, Elliott is standing with  Daychief on his back on the ground and crowd ‘aahhs’ as Elliott cartwheels into Daychief’s guard.  Elliott works to get full mount but Daychief rolls to back.  Elliott punches while riding Daychief’s back when the round ends.  Cageplay scores it 10-8 Elliott.

Round 3 starts with Daychief looking battered and tired.  The third round is more of the same as Elliott keeps the fight on the ground.  Using his effective Ground and Pound to smash his opponent whether he is on his opponent’s back or in his guard.  Daychief has no offense at all and can do little to get out of his position.  With Daychief on his knees, Elliott delivers some ferocious knees to Daychief’s side. The referee could have stopped it there as Daychief was not improving his position at all and was taking some powerful knees.  However the round ends.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Elliott.

  • Chad Sherman defeats Andrij Pavlic by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 3 3:38

It a battle of Lightheavyweights between Sherman from Calgary and Pavlic from Winnipeg.  As the round starts, Sherman gets a big takedown but Pavlic muscles a reverse and gets full mount.  Pavlic lands a couple hard shots but is bucked off nicely by the fresh Sherman.  Sherman ends up in Pavlic’s full guard and he pushes him to his corner.  Pavlic impressively sweeps Sherman using a Kimura.  Pavlic ends up on Sherman’s back and he softens Sherman up with shots.  Pavlic tries to sink in a Rear Naked Choke but Sherman escapes.  Sherman looks cut when they stand back up and then Sherman gets a single leg takedown.  From the top, Sherman lands some huge rights.  Sherman uses his Ground and Pound game to inflict heavy damage on Pavlic and the round ends with Sherman on top.  Cageplay scores the round 10-9 Sherman.

Second round starts with Sherman bleeding under his right eye and he gets the takedown on Pavlic landing in Pavlic’s guard.  Once again, Pavlic impressively sweeps Sherman with the Kimura and gets in full mount.  However, Andrij does not use the dominant position to land heavy blows and Sherman escapes the full mount.  Sherman on top once again and lands some hard lefts while Pavlic tries to get up.  In a scramble, Pavlic gets to Sherman’s guard but he is tired and not improving his position and the referee stands them up just as Pavlic was starting to unload.  Strong takedown by Sherman with some small punches and referee stands them up quickly.  Another takedown by Sherman and he gets side control and throws some punches down on Pavlic.  Cageplay scores it 10-9 Sherman.

Third round starts and the fighters exchange kicks.  Pavlic cannot defend the takedown and Sherman ends up in full mount throw huge rights down on Pavlic.  After eating some hammer fists, Pavlic gave up his back and Sherman goes for a Rear Naked Choke but Pavlic rolls and lands on top of Sherman.  Pavlic is too tired to punch while on top.  The fighters stand and Pavlic has a bad cut under his left eye that looks to be bothering him.  Sherman gets the takedown once again and Pavlic tries to Kimura him to pull out the victory.  Sherman rolls out and ends up with full mount on Pavlic.  Again, Pavlic gives up back and Sherman delivers blow after blow before the ref stops it.  A great showing by Sherman who finally gets his first MMA win.

In the post fight interview, Sherman jokingly dedicates the win to “all my fans here. There are two or three in the crowd.  Maybe just one.”

  • Tiago Tavares defeats Tom Withoos via TKO (Ground n Pound) Round 2 0:50

Round one starts with Withoos connecting and Tavares stumbles to the mat.  Tavares scrambles to feet and executes a nice judo toss on Withoos.  Withoos gets up and controls Tavares against the fence.  Tavares gets the clinch and effectively uses his knees on Withoos.   Tavares gets the takedown and lands hard fists to the body of Withoos and Tavares passes to full mount.  Tavares hips are high and Withoos sneaks out the back door on Tavares and tries to lock on a Guillotine.  It does not work and Tavares gets full mount once again and lands hard lefts and rights.  Tom reverses the position and lands some fists as the round ends.  Cageplay scores the exciting round 10-9 Tavares.

Round 2 starts with Withoos bleeding a little from his nose and looking a little tired.  Right away, Withoos is stunned by a left right combination from Tavares.  Tavares picks up Withoos and drops him and establishes full mount.  Tavares continuously throws punches looking to end the fight and the referee steps in to end the fight with a good stoppage.  Tavares was in top gear the entire fight and wins his debut fight.

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  1. ojay stein says:

    bye bye robin

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  2. Robin’s not going anywhere.

    Good job by Janz.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Wow, for such a classy, likable, respectable fighter, Janz has a surprisingly classless relative.

    Anyways, congrats on your great performance Janz. You’re a classy and talented guy.

    And thanks to my trainers and corner and everyone who has supported me.

    Toughest sport in the world. Even tougher when you lose. And I do expect some hate because of where I come from, despite the fact that I am humble and respectful as a fighter. I’m not sure I deserve it, but I expect it and deal with it.

    I’ll see you all next time.

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Where do you come from? I like you. And Janz. But you are way more fun to troll. ojay stein probably missed his nap today, thats all.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Sean Quinn. Simultaneously lovable and terrifying.

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  6. Robin, it will be all that much more sweeter when we win the next bunch!

    You work harder than anybody I know at everything you do. Your work ethic is paramount, and don’t sweat the loss. It wasn’t a lousy performance, it just didn’t go your way, and we knew Janz was a great Jiu Jitsu fighter.

    Robin, you are nothing but class, and don’t deserve any of the flack you take, but from anybody in the business that is legit, they all adore Robin. He defines everything that is a Professional athlete in every sense of the term.

    You truly are an inspiration and a very motivating person to know. And you have a great group of people around you. They are ALL just as committed as ever, and looking forward to continuing our journey.

    I hate AC/ DC

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    And dont forget, when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, all you have to do is ask, and i will give you a back rub complete with back kisses. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  8. Awwww, you’re a hell of a guy Quinn!

    Email me tomorrow, need to talk to you.

    But it doesn’t involve back kisses. I don’t think?

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  9. Or I could just email you. haha

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    I wish i had some back kisses right now…where the fuck is Robin? Im waitin for him at another place i shouldnt mention here.

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  11. HAHA, it’s all good, we love mma.tv as well!

    Robin is training REALLY hard now and doing knuckle pushups

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