UCW 14 Results: Continued


This post is a continuation of the post ‘UCW 14 Results: Saskatchewan Fighters Dominate

  • Luis Huete submits Matt Veal with Armbar in Round 2 4:38

Luis starts out with a bang by landing a big right body kick to Veal. Veal got the takedown and immediately works to pass Huete’s guard.  From the bottom, Huete tries to sink in a triangle but Veal rolled out and got back into Huete’s guard.  After a scramble, Luis ends up on top but backs out as he wants it standing.  Huete must have some Muay Thai background as he lands some impressive knees.  Fighters get back on the ground with Veal trying to get Huete’s back.  Luis turns into Veal’s guard and land some big bombs just as the bell rings.  Veal controlled more of the round but Luis inflicted much more damage so, Cageplay.com scores the round 10-9 Huete.

Round two starts with the fighters exchange blows but Veal is giving more than he is receiving.  Veal scores with some hard lefts before getting Huete to the ground.  Veal is on top again but is not working too hard in Huete’s full guard.  From his back, Huete gets a triangle with Veal’s arm in.  Huete tries to get Veal to submit to the triangle for over a minute but Veal struggles on.  As Huete’s legs get tired, Veal breaks out only to be triangled once again.  This time with the triangle on, Huete fights for Veal’s arm and he transitions nicely to an armbar.  Veal taps out.

Eighteen year old Luis Huete was very impressive in winning his debut fight.  Luis admit afterwords that he was “very nervous until the bell rang.”

  • Dave Letourneu defeats Aaron Gallant by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

The debut fight for Letourneu starts with Dave landing a heavy knee on Gallant followed by two kicks to the body.  Gallant then charges and rocks Letourneau with a left and a right.  Letourneu immediately goes for the takedown and lands in Gallant’s full guard.  As Dave’s corner continuously screams about how nervous Gallant is, Letourneu spins to half guard and lands some tough body shots on Gallant.  Letourneu obtains side control and attempts an armbar that Gallant escapes from.  Gallant scrambles on top of Letourneu but the round ends. Cageplay.com scores the round 10-9 Letourneu.

Between rounds it appears the referee warns Letourneu’s corner on what they are yelling.

Round two begins with low leg kicks followed by a 1-2 from Letourneu that hurts Gallant.  Gallant nods afterwards – seemingly admitting to Dave that they were great shots.  Letourneu gets the single leg takedown and ends up in full guard where he throws two hard lefts.  Letourneu works to full mount when Gallant gives up his back.  Letourneau goes for the rear naked choke as he has a body triangle on Gallant as well.  Dave loses the choke and seems to slip off Gallant.  Gallant ends up in Letourneu’s half guard and drops a bunch of lefts to his opponent’s body.  Both fighters get to their feet where Gallant lands a heavy body kick.  The fighters stand and trade blows and a left high kick by Letourneu lands as the round ends. Cageplay.com scores the round 10-9 Huete.

Gallant starts the third round by trying to land finishing blows.  He just misses a huge upper cut.  Both exchange leg kicks and Letourneu lands a right that cuts Gallant under his left eye.  Gallant then lands a couple knees while Letourneu is pushing him against the cage.  Gallant goes for a guillotine and pulls guard but he loses the hold.  Letourneu ends up in side control and lands several hard forearms.  Letourneu tries to ride out the rest of the round safely on Gallant’s back, however Gallant escapes and lands a right and left before the round ends.  Cageplay.com scores the round 10-9 Huete.

  • Jose Rodriguez submits Michael Walton with Kimura in Round 2 4:02

Like his last fight at UCW 13, Jose Rodriguez starts out very aggressive – charging Walton.  The two fighters exchange early before Walton pushes Rodriguez to the fence.  Lots of dirty boxing until the two separate and start trading once again.  The fight is very fast paced.  Rodriguez lands a big kick and then partially catches Walton with a spinning back kick.  Jose mixes his kicks high and low and catches Walton with a straight left punch that drops Walton to the mat.  Jose attempts a rear naked choke but Walton reverses and ends up in Rodriguez’s guard.  Jose attempts an armbar unsuccessfully and Walton pushes Rodriguez to the fence where he unleashes some ground and pound.  Rodriguez attempts a triangle but round ends with Walton sustaining a cut on the bridge of his nose.  Cageplay.com scores the round 10-9 Rodriguez.

At the start of the second, Rodriguez looks to be the fresher of the two.  In the stand up, Rodriguez lands a left kick and he stuns Walton with a left punch.  With Walton’s back to the fence, Rodriguez unleashes a flurry of left and rights and Walton is in big trouble.  The fighters fall to the ground with Jose in Michael’s half guard.  Walton incredibly works to get to his knees, stands up and starts throwing big shots.  Jose kicks solidly to Walton’s thigh but Walton seems to be finding his range and connects on a left right combination.  Rodriguez want it back on the ground so he takes his opponent down.  Rodriguez gets an arm and goes for a Kimura that forces Walton to tap.  Rodriguez wins an exciting fight and is 2-0 at UCW.

This fight was Cageplay.com‘s Fight of the Night as both fighters really fought well at a high tempo.  Great technique from both fighters and Walton should hold his head high for his strong effort.

  • Warren Phillips defeats Mario Cueto by TKO (Ground n Pound) 1:55

Warren appears to have a huge size advantage over Cueto in this fight, but its Mario who lands a huge right to start things off.  Phillips takes down Cueto after an exchange of blows.  On the ground, Phillips worked to half guard and threw four large rights which hurt Cueto.  Now in side control, Phillips lands repeated hammer fists to Cueto’s head.  Phillips obtains the full mount and rains down more shots before the referee stops the fight.  Cueto immediately tries to get to his feet but he has no balance and falls to the canvas.

  • Ryan Bawn submits Joey Ayres by Triangle Choke in Round 1 0:57

Immediately, Bawn shoots for a takedown but Ayres executes a great sprawl, stuffs the shot, and lands in Bawn’s full guard.  From his back, Bawn executes a triangly choke to end the fight quickly as Ayres taps out.

  • Scott Richardson submits Jeremy Lavigueur by Armbar in Round 1 1:01

The fighters clinch to start round one.  Richard attempts a high kick but slips and ends up on his back with Lavigueur in his guard. Richardson pulls out an armbar from the bottom and gets Lavigueur to tap.  After the fight, Richardson states “I suck at BJJ.  I am surprised I got that.  I like standing up.”

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