Ultimate Cage Wars 14 Weigh-in Videos


Twenty-four fighters showed up at Ultimate Cage Wars 14, however only twenty-two will be allowed to fight.  Unfortunately, Jean Marc Lalonde stepped on the scale two pounds over the allowable 156 lbs weight limit for Lightweights.  His opponent, Alex Ferrer from Winnipeg, was given the option of taking 20% of Lalonde’s purse or not fighting. Ferrer decided that he would rather not fight.  Every other fighter made weight:

UCW Weigh-in Video Part 1:

UCW Weigh-In Video Part 2:

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  1. Alex Ferrer Mom says:

    Alex Ferrer must be a womens name what fighter turns down a fight even if the weights a little off guess he has never watched the orginal UFC, Sounds to me like he was scared.

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  2. Alex Ferrer is the last guy to be blamed in this ordeal.

    He was looking for a fight at 145 pounds, and agreed to fight Jean-Marc at 150. It then got changed to 155. Keep in mind Ferrer is a 145er, and Jean-Marc a 155 beast.

    I’ve known Jean-Marc since he’s been in this sport, and love him like a brother, but he is the only one who can be blamed in this scenario. Being a pro means making weight. The excuse that the opponent turned the fight down is not valid. Regardless of how much was offered.

    This is the new age of MMA and the days of size mismatches are a thing of the past on this continent.

    Jean-Marc is a pro, and will be back. He will learn from his mistake and make it right.

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  3. George Carlos says:

    Gotta love Matt with his hot pink speedos!! Very nice!!! LOL!!!

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  4. Taylor says:


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  5. I can’t say I agree.

    Alex is a 145er and they couldn’t get him an opponent at this weight. He agreed to take on Jean-Marc Lalonde at 150 pounds. A week or so before the fight they were told JM wasn’t going to be able to hit 150, and they asked for 155. Alex said yes, but not if JM was going to be overweight. JM is a big 155er, and he came in at 158 pounds. Alex wasn’t at the weighins due to a communication error, and JM got off the scale and “Assumed” Alex would be fine with taking 20% of his purse for being overweight. Alex also would have had the option of making his opponent lose the weight.

    I talked to Jean-Marc about it and he’ll be back, he’s a solid kid, and just made a few mistakes. But ultimately he should have got off the scale and proceeded to lose the 2 pounds and hit the 156 pound limit (1 pound allowance), but HE chose to NOT do this.

    Alex showed up after all this and was about 150 pounds.

    In this day of age of MMA, I can’t fault or blame Alex at all.

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  6. With his clothes on, and he was getting heavier since it was a 155 cutoff.

    He walks under 150 typically

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  7. Jason says:

    The sneakiness is strong in here!

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