Valimaki Victorious in Finland M-1 Challenge 10


Canada’s Victor Valimaki had to battle the weather and his opponent in his overseas bout in Finland on November 26.  The truck tranporting the ring only arrived the day of the show due to poor road conditions, so there was danger of having the card postponed due to the amount of snow that had fallen.  However, once M-1 Challenge got everything set up, a great night of fights entertained the Helsinki crowd.

Valimaki, from Edmonton, Alberta, fought Rodney Glunder who is primarily a kickboxer.  Glunder last faced reknowned kickboxer Stefan Leko in a loss earlier this November at Glory 10: Battle of Arnhem.  Valimaki quickly took the kickboxer down in the match and sunk in a Rear Naked Choke at 2:14 of the first round.  The Matrix is now on a four fight winning streak in 2008 after last losing to Roger Hollet in 2007.  His previous three wins all came in the King of the Cage promotion and include wins over KOTC stalwart Nick Hinchliffe and The Ultimate Fighter’s Noah Inhofer.  The win over Glunder in Helsinki was especially pleasing to Valimaki as he is of Finnish heritage and he announced that “Fighting in Finland is a dream come true.”

M1 Challenge is a series of fights around the world that pits 10 teams of MMA prospects representing countries against each other.  Unlike the IFL which was a team league where fighters represented cities that they did not originate from, M-1 has their teams comprised of fighters who are citizens of the countries that they represent.  Competing in pools of 5 teams, the winners of each pool at the end of the year will face off in the M-1 Challenge 2008 Finale.  This was the 10th round of the 2008 M-1 Challenge.  This round had Spain beating a World Team 3-2 and Finland beating France 4-1. Each team fight is only scheduled for two rounds.

Here are the full results:

M-1 Challenge 10 Results


  • Janne Elonen Kulmala defeated Nicklas Bergman by KO in Round 2

Bergman was mainly in defense in the first round and Kulmala showed some excellent ground skills. The bell of the second round sounded and both circled around each other. Then an exchange of punches happened. Kulmala hit Bergman with a straight punch which made him stagger backward. Another one followed which almost lifted him of the floor and the Finnish lightweight was all over him with punches. Before he was hit stone cold out, the referee interfered and stopped the fight.

M-1 Challenge Spain vs World Team

  • Juha Pekka Vainikainen defeated Jose Luis Zapater by KO in Round 1 1:57

Juha finished the fight after 1.57 in the first round with a straight right punch to the head.

  • Jose Beltran Martinez submitted Jason Ponet by Toe Hold in Round 1 3:32

Ponet looked like having the advantage when they ended up on the ground and delivered a few effective strikes which drew blood from Beltran’ts nose. Then Beltran tried to go for a kneebar, this did not succeed and then he changed en went for a toehold which made Ponet tap out. After 3.32 sec in the first round.

  • Jordan Radev defeated Rafael Rodriguez Guttierez by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 1:08

Referee stopped the fight after 1.08 minute in the first round because he was convinced that Guttierez was about to pass out on the rear naked choke that Radev applied. “His eyes were rolling so I stopped the fight.”

  • Enoc Solves Torres defeated Valdas Pocevicius by Unanimous Decision

Solves dominated the whole first round. Standing up as well as on the ground. In the second round,  it was the same and Solves won by unanimous decision.

  • Rogent Lloret Arredondo submitted Michael Kitta with Armbar in Round 1 2:09

In the prefight interview, Rogent told Sean Wheelock that he wanted to fight more aggressive in this match and so he did. After 2.09 minutes in the first round he applied a straight armbar and Kitta tapped out on it.

Spain wins the Challenge with 3 – 2

M-1 Fight

  • Mathias Klockars defeated Jordi Peute by Unanimous Decision

Klockars was the more offensive fighter in all of the three rounds.. Just before the bell at the end of the second round, Peute was kicked in the groin but he recovered in the break between round two and three.

M-1 Challenge Finland vs France

  • Nikko Puhakka defeated Maktar Gueye by Unanimous Decision

First round went to Puhakka who dominated on the ground, but with just 10 seconds to go the referee made them stand up and that’s where Gueye feels at ease. He delivered a few strong punches that connected real well, but Puhakka managed to stop the flurry of punches by shooting and then the bell sounded.

In the second round, Puhakka was constantly trying to land punches while in the guard of Gueye, but he also received a lot of them from the Frenchman who was punching upward, which resulted in a bloody messed up face of the Fin.

The fight ended in a draw and in the added third round Puhakka took the victory.

  • Janne Tullirinta defeated Farouk Lakebir by TKO (Injury) in Round 1 2:23

Lakebir initiated a takedown but Tullirinta ended on top. After trading just a few punches, Janne gestured to the referee that his opponent was injured and he was right. Lakebir had a dislocated left shoulder.

  • Lucio Linhares defeated Karl “Psycho” Amoussou by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1 4:54

In a very exiting fight Linhares won by G&P after 4.54 in the first round.

  • Christian “Ton Ton” Mpumbo defeated Marcus Vänttinen by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 2:15

After 2.15 minutes in the first round, Vänttinen tapped out at a rear naked choke.

  • Toni Valtonen submitted Mousa Niangane by Armbar in Round 1 2:00

The inexperienced Niangane was no match for Valtonen. It took the Finnish heavyweight only 2 minutes to finish Niangane with an armbar.

Finland won the Challenge meeting with 4 -1

M-1 Fight

  • Victor Valimaki submitted Rodney Glunder by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 2:14

Vallimaki took 2.14 min in the first round to make Rodney tap out at a rear naked choke.

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