UCW 14 Down to 11 Fights as Lalonde Misses Weight


Victor Daychief vs Andrew Elliot - Photo by Keith Grienke

Twenty-four fighters showed up to fight at Ultimate Cage Wars 14, however only twenty-two are allowed to fight.  Unfortunately, Jean Marc Lalonde stepped on the scale two pounds over the allowable 156 lbs weight limit for Lightweights.  His opponent, Alex Ferrer from Winnipeg, was given the option of taking 20% of Lalonde’s purse or not fighting. Ferrer decided that he would rather not fight.

Otherwise, every other fighter made weight.  Eleven fights remain on the card which is impressive as UCW 13 was down to eight by show time.  You can view video of the weigh-ins in the post:  Ultimate Cage Wars 14 Weigh-in Videos. The following is the official weigh-in results for UCW 14:

Scott Richard (154) vs. Jeremy Lavigueur (154)

Joey Ayres (148.5) vs. Ryan Bawn (153.5)

Warren Phillips (152) vs. Mario Cueto (155)

Jose Rodriguez (155.5) vs. Michael Walton (155.5)

Dave Letourneu (168.5) vs. Aaron Gallant (169)

Matt Veal (144) vs. Luis Huerte (143.5)

Tiago Tavares (155.5) vs. Tom Withoos (154)

Chad Sherman (189) vs. Andrij Pavlic (189.5)

Andrew Elliot (169) vs. Victor Daychief (169)

Janz Stein (135.5) vs. Robin Black (135.5)

Kurt Southern (154.5) vs. Kevin Manderson (155.5)

2 Responses to “ UCW 14 Down to 11 Fights as Lalonde Misses Weight ”

  1. Jean-Marc Lalonde says:

    I would like to apologize it was very unprofessional not making weight. I been battling injuries and really haven’t trained at all for this fight, i tried everything in my power to make this fight happen even offering my entire purse. Please don’t hate on Alex it was his right to turn down the fight …. for the record however i had an hour to cut the 2 pounds but alex did not show up to the weigh ins on time, so by the time i new what was going on i had already rehydrated.

    it wasn’t until a half hour after i was done weighing in that he weight in and i was told he wouldn’t take the fight, if my opponent would of been on time and told me no i would of cut the weight like nothing. again i’m sorry that i couldn’t perform tonight and hopefully ucw will have me back there a great promotion and have treated me well despite the fact that I cost them a fight.

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  2. Alex Ferrer is the last guy to be blamed in this ordeal.

    He was looking for a fight at 145 pounds, and agreed to fight Jean-Marc at 150. It then got changed to 155. Keep in mind Ferrer is a 145er, and Jean-Marc a 155 beast.

    I’ve known Jean-Marc since he’s been in this sport, and love him like a brother, but he is the only one who can be blamed in this scenario. Being a pro means making weight. The excuse that the opponent turned the fight down is not valid. Regardless of how much was offered.

    Jean-Marc could have cut the weight and been on target regardless of when his opponent showed up. It’s a weak excuse to assume he’ll let the weight go, and to not have to cut it.

    This is the new age of MMA and the days of size mismatches are a thing of the past on this continent.

    Jean-Marc is a pro, and will be back. He will learn from his mistake and make it right.

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