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Canada Loves MMA

Dana White loves Canada.  UFC 83 set revenue records, Canadians flock to UFC events (at least half of UFC 87 in Minneapolis were Canadians, and Canadians are clamoring for more UFC.  Now the Wrestling Observer letter has more statistics to show how Canada loves the UFC:

Based on early trending data, UFC 90 “Silva vs. Cote” looks to have gotten around 275,000 and 325,000 buys, which would make it the lowest numbers for a UFC non-European PPV since the company starting hitting it real big on PPV in the spring of 2006. The top cities in per-capita interest were Portland, Halifax, Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

That is right.  Canada had six of the top ten cities that ordered UFC 90 – Halifax, Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

Cageplay.com has realized this for a while.  You just have to look at the past weeks in the three prairie provinces to see how much MMA there is:

  • Alberta – 4 events: KOTC Faceoff, Pure Fighting Championship, Rumble in the Cage, and this weekend’s KOTC Grinder.
  • Saskatchewan – had two events two weeks ago.  XCW and the UMC.
  • Manitoba – this weekend’s Ultimate Cage Wars.

Coutures are 2-1 for the Month

We all know that Randy Couture lost his title to Brock Lesnar two weekends ago.  You may have seen Kim Couture win a very sloppy, one-sided match on Strikeforce on November 21.  However, did you know that Randy Couture’s son, Ryan Couture, made his amateur MMA debut on November 11 and defeated Ricky Perez with a triangle choke in just 27 seconds in Bellingham, Washington?  Here is the video:

Chris Horodecki S-Cup

Fans last saw Horodecki fighting in the now-defunct IFL promotion.  Horodecki has signed to fight Dan Lauzon on the upcoming Affliction show in January.  In between fights, Chris decided to fight in a primarily standup, one day tournament in Japan called S-Cup.  Unfortunately, Horodecki lost his first round match to Hiroki Shishido by Unanimous Decision.  The winner of the tournament was Andy Souwer who has been a finalist the past four tournaments – winning three of them.  For full results, click here:

Gary Goodridge is Busy

Its been a very busy month for Gary Goodridge.  First he lost to Alistair Overeem in Holland and last weekend he was fighting Nemeth Gabor in Hungary.  Now, Gary Goodridge has done it all – Arm wrestle, kick box, MMA.   It was new for him against Gabor.  He left his match in Hungary midway through the second round as the referee and his opponent appeared to be in cahoots !  You can read about it here:

After you read about his Hungary experience, take a look at Gary’s third venture this past month – EXTREME ARMWRESTLING. Armwrestling for me had just got a little mundane.  After watching the past few tournaments, I was left wanting more. Now XARM is giving me just what I need – Armwrestling with kicking, punching and submissions.  Yes – mixed martial arts meets armwrestling with opponent’s arms tied to a table in between.  Its the new YAMMA.  (funny (sad?) thing is ex-UFC founders Art Davie (XARM) and Bob Meyrowitz (YAMMA) were involved in both promotions)

I have read that Gary Goodridge actually pulled out of the event.  Good idea !

Quick Hits

  • How about Goran Reljic showing us what a true hero is?  Jumping in the water and saving two lives.  This with a debilitating back injury that has shelved him from fighting in 2008.  You can read all about it here.
  • Last week was quite a soap opera between Jon Fitch and the UFC.  First, the number three welterweight in the world refused to sign a contract to give UFC his video game rights.  Then the UFC drops Fitch and Dana White calls his AKA team “idiots”.  Finally, Fitch goes over Dana’s head and calls his boss Lorenzo Fertitta and suddenly he is back in.  Read the article and have your head spin.
  • Joe Riggs looked to losing the first round to Luke Stewart but turned it around to TKO Stewart in the second.  I, for one, was really glad for Riggs.  Riggs has had a lot of problems in his life – loss of a child, out of the UFC with some big losses, pain killer addiction, and back problems – its nice to see this 26 year old back in the win column.

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