Skater Boy Janz Stein to Face Glam Rocker at UCW


After a year absence from the cage, Janz Stein is coming to Winnipeg to fight in Ultimate Cage Wars 14: November to Remember at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.  Stein, an experienced grappler out of Regina’s Complete MMA gym, has accepted a considerable challenge in his return to mixed martial arts.  He will be facing a  Winnipeg favourite, Robin Black, in his opponent’s hometown.

Janz brings a solid wrestling background to his MMA game.  Starting in Grade 10, Janz has been wrestling for nine years and is currently coaching high school wrestling as well as submission wrestling at Complete MMA.  His wrestling complements his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which has found him travelling to Brazil to train with Wagney Fabiano and Vitor Ribeiro with Complete MMA’s association with the famed Nova Uniao team.  Janz has also competed around North America and recently took bronze in the Pan Am BJJ  World Championships (No Gi).  Janz also made himself familiar to many local UCW fighters when he took home double gold from the Manitoba BJJ Open October 18.

His opponent, Robin Black, fights out of the illustrious Xtreme Couture Toronto gym where he trains with famous fighters like Sam Stout, Mark Hominick, Mark Bocek, and Chris Horodecki, who will be in Black’s corner for Friday’s fight.  Black was also the local front man for the popular Ballroom Zombies and now tours globally and has starred on his own MuchMusic show “Robin Black: Cagefighter”.  Does this cause concern for Stein?  “I feel no intimidation,” says Stein. “I know Robin Black trains hard, has good grappling, and has good coaches, but Complete MMA in Regina is the best facility with great coaches and fighting is all about experience.”  Stein, with over 200 grappling matches to his credit, does have experience.  “I have a great coach in AJ Scales and a fantastic boxing coach in Wes Sunshine, who was a Golden Gloves champ!” remarks Janz.  It paid off in his last fight, a decision victory over Dayton Fischer at a Legacy FC show in Calgary.  Stein was able to take down Fischer throughout the fight and mounted his opponent several times but was just not able to finish him.

As for his one year fighting layoff, Janz has been keeping busy doing what he loves – Grappling.  “I love fighting, but I like grappling more than MMA,” mentions Stein, whose dream would be to win a world championship at Abu Dhabi or Grappler’s Quest.  He has been grappling this past year in many tournaments and training six days a week for at least two hours a day.  When not fighting, the BJJ purple belt can be found building up his “farmboy strength” constantly lifting for his company, To-D Dump Hauling, a residential garbage hauling firm.

As for other hobbies, Janz can be found freestyling on his deck. Stein is a former competitive skateboarder who has participated in contests across Canada including the famed DC Nationals.  Now skateboarding has taken a backseat to his fighting, although he can still be found on the half pipe once in a while.  “I used to be known as Janz Stein the skateboarder who fights, now I am Janz Stein the fighter who skateboards.”

What will be the outcome of this skater boy vs glam rocker battle?

I am not a smack talker.  I am going to go up there and fight.  I prefer the ground, but have no problem standing and trading with Robin.  I have respect for anyone who gets into the cage.  You are in the cage alone and no one can help you when the cage door shuts.  No one is going to kneel behind my opponent so I can push him over.  It is just Robin and me.

It will be Robin and Janz in the cage in what promises to be an extremely exciting 135 pound fight for Winnipeg fans on November 28.

Photo Credits:
1. Janz Stein Gets Some Air by Cassie Hawrysh
2. Janz Stein Beats a Black Belt by Cassie Hawrysh

7 Responses to “ Skater Boy Janz Stein to Face Glam Rocker at UCW ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Janz seems like a very honorable guy. It will be my privilege to get in there and make an exciting fight with him. And I look forward to getting to know him after the fight.

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  2. Lipscombe says:

    I look forward to janz making a laughing stock of Robin Black in his hometown… I mean a total embarrassment… so much that Mr. Black reconsiders being involved in so many thing as they obviously take away from his ability to protect himself from the Skater Kid Stein… Janz… do what you do home slice… Mr. Black be very afraid…

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  3. Why would you wish anybody to be made a laughing stock? Supporting your guy is no problem, but nobody who gets in the cage is a laughing stock.

    I am friends with both Janz and Robin and I think this fight is a challenge for both fighters.

    Reconsiders being involved in so many things confuses me when you are talking about MMA.

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  4. Jason says:

    Fans will be fans.

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  5. ojay stein says:

    Good luck brother make us all proud.

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    I like janz and i like robin. that being said…Lipscombe is an idiot. This will be an interesting fight.

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  7. B. Thomas says:

    good luck Ponzy.

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