UFC’s Goran Reljic to the Rescue – Two Lives Saved


According to Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, undefeated UFC fighter Goran Reljic rescued two men who crashed their vehicle into the Adriatic Sea.  While Brock Lesnar was defeating Randy Couture, Goran Reljic was awakened by the sound of a vehicle smashing into the sea.

According to witnesses, Reljic ran outside to see what caused the noise and noticed a vehicle sinking into the sea.  Reljic immediately went into the water and swam to the vehicle where he smashed a side window and pulled both victims to safety.  Amazingly, Reljic performed this heroic feat while suffering from a debilitating back injury that forced him to pull out of an October fight with Thales Leites.

Reljic’s manager, Zoran Saric told UFC.com that,

Even suffering a severe lower back injury, and without any training and exercise in the past month and a half he risked everything, jumping under cold water and helping save lives.  When I spoke with him earlier today, he said “I wasn’t even thinking about my injury or about myself, I just dove into the water and started punching the window; there was only one thing on my mind, to save them.”

Too often the words “courageous” or “hero” accompany accolades given to sports stars.  In this case, those words describe Goran Reljic perfectly.

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