Ultimate Cage Wars 14 “November to Remember” Lineup


November to Remember

Next friday at the Winnipeg Convention Center, Ultimate Cage Wars returns with it’s 14th show.  On tap for this show is former UFC, and current Affliction star Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski.

In the main event former Winnipeger and a Canadian MMA household name with fights from coast to coast over the past 8 years Kevin Manderson returns to UCW to take on Saskatoon’s Kurt Southern.

TV Personality, Rockstar, and MMA fighter Robin Black comes to his former home also when he returns to Winnipeg to take on Regina’s Janz Stein in a battle of the Jiu Jitsu trained fighters.  Both of these guys are going into this fight with full confidence, and should provide a fast paced battle.

UCW Staple Jean-Marc Lalonde returns to take on Winnipegs Alex Ferrer in a Lightweight matchup that will not dissapoint as both are looking to make a statement.

Also on the card are the following matchups.

Jose Rodriguez (Saskatoon) vs. Micheal “Sweetie Pie” Walton (Toronto)
Ryan Bawn (Kingston) vs. Joey Ayres (Toronto)
Warren Phillips (Saskatoon) vs. Mario Cueto (Winnipeg)
Blair Gutta (Thunder Bay) vs. Dany Labrie (Calgary)
Tiago Tavares (Toronto) vs. Tom Withoos (Winnipeg)
Dave Letourneu (Thunder Bay) vs. Arron Gallant (Calgary)
Luis Huerte (Calgary) vs. Matt “Kid Lightning” Veal (Thunder Bay)
Chad Sherman (Calgary) vs. Andrija Pavlic (Winnipeg)
Andrew Elliot (Thunder Bay) vs. Victor Daychief (Lethbridge)

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Ultimate Cage Wars event

Get your VIP tickets by calling Tony Condello at 204-229-9173

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13 Responses to “ Ultimate Cage Wars 14 “November to Remember” Lineup ”

  1. Dwight Sutherland says:

    UCW is looking to have another great show. There is lots of great fighters and i just cant wait to watch.
    Looking forward to Jean-Marc Lalonde’s Fight and Victor Daychief’s Fight Good Luck Guys.

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  2. When do we get to see you back in the cage Dwight?

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  3. Jason says:


    We are excited to see you in the cage again soon!

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  4. Simon Marini says:

    What’s with this? You use a picture of me punching Alberto Crane in the face, but cover me up?

    I feel used and dirty… haha

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  5. HAHAHA you are used and dirty.

    In fact, you usually brag about it!

    Looking forward to hearing when you are back in the MFC ring!

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Wait a minute, wheres all the gay banter? Weak sauce guys.

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  7. Speaking of gay banter, you coming this weekend?

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  8. George Carlos says:

    Good luck to all the fighters but especially to the Thunder Bay guys!! Luis Huerte better be ready as Kid Lightning is hungry and should put on a great showing. Wish I could make the show but hope to be at the next one!! Should be a great event!! Elliott/Daychief could be fight of the night!!

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    i dont think i will make it…but i will be there in spirit.

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  10. Jean-Marc Lalonde says:

    I would like to apologize it was very unprofessional not making weight. I been battling injuries and really haven’t trained at all for this fight, i tried everything in my power to make this fight happen even offering my entire purse. Please don’t hate on Alex it was his right to turn down the fight …. for the record however i had an hour to cut the 2 pounds but alex did not show up to the weigh ins on time, so by the time i new what was going on i had already rehydrated.

    it wasn’t until a half hour after i was done weighing in that he weight in and i was told he wouldn’t take the fight, if my opponent would of been on time and told me no i would of cut the weight like nothing. again i’m sorry that i couldn’t perform tonight and hopefully ucw will have me back there a great promotion and have treated me well despite the fact that I cost them a fight.

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  11. jimbo says:

    what happend to mik walton and jose rodrigues fight??

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  12. Somebody has been impersonating Jean Marc on here, and conned me into believing he was slagging my friends.

    I apologize for the mixup, and apologize for any hurt feelings on jean Marcs part as I sent him a really Nasty email.

    He is having a hard enough time having his fight pulled this weekend. I know how that feels, and it’s worse than a loss.

    Sorry JM, You will still be a force in this sport, and looking forward to your next fight.

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