Rock Out With Your Brock Out – A MMA Week in Review


Here is’s review of the past week in MMA:

Rock Out with Your Brock Out

MMA purists’ stomachs were turning as ex-WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar took home the UFC Heavyweight gold from Randy Couture on Saturday night.  Lesnar, who came into the bout with only a 2-1 MMA record, was given the Heavyweight title shot after only one UFC win.

Well….Couture was in the same boat when he got his first title shot in the UFC.  Like Lesnar, Couture was a wrestling stud who got his title shot in his fourth UFC fight.  Unlike Lesnar, Couture was 3-0 in his first three UFC fights.  Couture was also 0-2 in his last two fights and retired from fighting when he got his Heavyweight title shot against Tim Sylvia.

As stated in their Lesnar vs Couture breakdown, Brock’s youth, athleticism, size, and power proved too much for Couture.  With the UFC’s penchant for big money fights, I would bet on seeing a fourth Couture vs Liddell fight pretty soon.

Ken Florian Finishes Joe Daddy

Ken Florian continues to impress in his climb from The Ultimate Fighter 1 to becoming one of the most complete fighters in the UFC Lightweight division.  Florian looks great on his feet, in the clinch, and now he dominated Joe Stevenson on the ground.  I would really love to see Ken Florian face BJ Penn in a title fight.  Will Florian, who the UFC claims is the number one contender, wait more than a half a year for a possible BJ Penn encounter or will he take another fight in the meantime?  Maybe we will see Florian vs Sherk II.

Gurgel Trains Hazelett?

Dustin Hazelett, a Jorge Gurgel BJJ Black Belt, won Submission of the Night again in his victory over Tamden McCrory.  Maybe Hazelett can take his mentor aside and tell Gurgel that it is OK to take the fight to the ground and submit your opponent.  I continually shake my head when I watch Gurgel stand up and kickbox every fight.  He lost in TUF 2 to Jason von Flue with this strategy (with a bad ACL). He has also lost to Cole Miller, Alvin Robinson, Mark Hominick, and now Aaron Riley with this strategy.

Has Gurgel forgotten his BJJ?  Prior to the UFC, Gurgel was 10-1 with 100% of his wins coming by submission!  He grew up training with Hermes Franca and Marcus Aurelio and learned from famed BJJ instructors like Ricardo Liborio.  Unlike Florian, Gurgel has not shown any improvement since TUF 2.  Either his training has shown him that his takedowns and BJJ are ineffective at the UFC level or he should realize that submissions are exciting and he should not leave his most potent weapon – Jiu-Jitsu – at home on fight days.

Whew!  No Nipple Twisting at UFC 91

Since UFC 87, Team Jackson has gone five for five in fights where they have nipple twisted.

  1. GSP nipple twisted to successful title defense over Jon Fitch at UFC 87.
  2. Rashad Evans tweaked his nipples repeatedly to knock out Chuck Liddell at UFC 88.
  3. Keith Jardine nipple twisted his way to a split decision over Brandon Vera at UFC 89.
  4. Donald Cerrone pinched his nipples to a decision win over Rob McCullough at WEC 36.
  5. Leonard Garcia nipple twisted a knockout over Jens Pulver at WEC 36.

Somebody needs to stop these nipple tweakers !!

Jason Heit Checks In

Remember Jason Heit, he was the former bodyguard to Robbie Williams and Nicolas Cage who returned to the cage October 18 after an eleven year absence. caught up to him recently about his win at KOTC Impact.  Heit, who trains fighters at his Island MMA gym, said that his three round, predominantly standup fight “reminded me of why I do it all.” Heit mainly used straight punches and kicks in his fight with Elmer Waterhen.  Heit knocked his opponent Elmer Waterhen down in the first and but could not finish him.  Heit, 35, wondered before the fight how his body would hold up but he was not disappointed.  “My conditioning was excellent and it was so much fun to go full speed and full power in a real fight rather than holding back while sparring.”  Heit, who appreciated having John Alessio in his corner, is now looking for another fight to finish out 2008.

Quick Hits

  • Josh Hendricks really looked out of place in his UFC debut.  After hearing that Randy Couture used  Hendrick to act as Lesnar during his training, is it any wonder Couture was not successful?
  • When was the last time that the UFC showed every fight on the card in the PPV?  Way to cram them in there UFC !  Thanks.
  • Crazy weekend in western Canada MMA scene, two Alberta cards (KOTC and RITC) and two Saskatchewan cards (UMC and XCW).  How about some Ultimate Fight Night cards coming to western Canada as the Canadian MMA scene is red hot !
  • Great to see Denis Kang finally in the UFC.  The rumour is that Kang will face Al Belcher in early 2009 – possibly in Montreal.
  • Their are also rumours that Anderson Silva may face Chael Sonnen now that the WEC folded its Middleweight division.  Now Sonnen, who defeated Paulo Fihlo, versus Silva is interesting, but I would much rather see submission phenom Demian Maia take on Anderson Silva.  If that fight hit the ground, Silva’s title reign may end !

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