MMA Flashback – Anderson Silva Submits to Daiju Takase


Many people consider Anderson Silva the greatest mixed martial artist on the planet.  Anderson blends a fluid stand up consisting of powerful, accurate strikes from all eight points with a black belt ground game.  Anderson currently has a great winning streak where he has gone eight for eight with no decision in the UFC and nine consecutive wins in total.

However, lets not forget that this is MMA and anyone can lose.  In fact, Anderson Silva actually had two wins and two losses in his PRIDE career.  This video shows his first loss in PRIDE to Daiju Takase.  Takase is a journeyman grappler with seven wins and twelve losses in his ten year career.  Previous to his bout in 2003 against Anderson Silva, Takase lost bouts to UFC veterans Jeremy Horn and Nate Marquardt before dominating Silva on the ground.

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  1. Jason says:

    While that was a nice triangle, his submission loss to Ryo Chonan is still one of the coolest subs I’ve seen to date.

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