Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture: A Breakdown


UFC 91 features a fantastic main event of Brock Lesnar versus Randy “The Natural” “Captain America” “The Ageless Wonder” Couture.  The MMA world is split on the outcome of this match.  Fantasy bettors at currently are halved 52% in favor of Couture winning the bout, while 48% have Lesnar taking the fight.  Incredibly, the UFC Heavyweight champion with fourteen title fights under his belt is not the overwhelming favorite against the former professional wrestler with three fights under his belt.

Here is‘s breakdown of the fight.  Make sure you make your own fantasy picks at to win Full Time Fighter gift certificates, T-Shirts from Assassin Fight Wear and Heath Herring, and Ultimate Cage War tickets.

Why Lesnar Will Win

Brock Lesnar (2-1) has had two UFC fights in his career.  In his first fight, Lesnar was ground and pounding Mir until he got stood up.  Lesnar then got sloppy by leaving a leg where Mir could grab it and Brock ended up tapping out to a kneebar because of this mistake.  In Brock’s second match, he had a much more solid game plan against Heath Herring.  Lesnar caught Herring early and throughout the rest of the fight, Lesnar rode Herrings back and kept Herring down, all the while making Heath eat a lot of knuckle sandwiches.

This is Brock’s fourth fight and he is fighting for the title.  When compared to Randy, Brock is very inexperienced.  On the other hand, Brock does hold many advantages:

  • Bigger
  • Younger
  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • Better Wrestler
  • Did I mention Bigger?

Brock is the overall stronger, better wrestler.  Brock will use his strength to get Randy on the mat and keep him on the mat.  He will try to ground and pound Couture just as he did Heath Herring.

Why Couture Will Win

Randy Couture is 45 and has a year and a half of ring rust to shake off.  After losing two in a row as a Lightheavyweight, Couture retired.  That retirement was short-lived and Couture returned as a Heavyweight and took the crown by defeating Tim Sylvia and then retaining against Gabriel Gonzaga.  Then, in a dispute with the UFC, Couture resigned and has not fought since.

However, Couture could win due to one word:  Experience.  Couture is a master MMA strategist and his Xtreme Couture gym is one of the finest MMA gyms in the world.  There he has some of the world’s best training partners.  Randy has been in the trenches against the top fighters in the world in many title fights with alot of exposure and this experience will allow him to adapt to whatever comes his way.  He is well aware Brock is going to come at him like a freight train and he will have a solid plan to defend that.

Randy, who will have the advantage in the standup, says he is going to punch Brock in the face early and introduce him to the world of MMA like nobody has been able to do yet.   Randy was able to come across the cage and almost KO Tim Sylvia with the first punch of that fight.  He will need to continuously score on Brock to make Brock desperate to get the takedown.  That is when Brock will himself open for more strikes and do not be surprised to see Randy put Brock on his back.  If Randy can get Brock frustrated and take the fight into later rounds, Randy will start winning rounds and possibly TKO a fatigued Brock.

The Winner and New Heavyweight Champion?

This fight is almost too close to call.  Right now, is leaning towards former WWE Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.   Couture has been training with the top athletes in the sport but his ring rust and age will hurt the experienced veteran.  Brock’s youth, athleticism, size, and power should prove too much for the UFC champion and will remind Couture of why he moved down to 205 lbs in the first place.  Brock Lesnar by second round TKO.

4 Responses to “ Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture: A Breakdown ”

  1. Nate says:

    Lesnar is fat and Couture is a Grandpa… Makes for a weak fight

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  2. Jason says:

    Yet many are very interested in seeing this fight. LOL at fat.

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  3. Leonard says:

    Wow. Did you write this article after the fight? Perfect breakdown when most other sites called Couture.

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  4. It was published on the 13th Leonard.

    We listed both sides, but ultimately were more confident putting our cageplay bucks on Lesnar.


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