Big John Rumbles in the Cage Friday, November 14


Rumble in the Cage has a card in Lethbridge, Alberta this Friday, November 14. This event marks the return of ‘Big’ John McCarthy, who has resigned from Canada’s ‘The Fight Network’ and is now returning to refereeing.  Besides being a special referee at RITC 32, McCarthy has also scheduled a referee clinic on November 15.

Thirteen of the sixteen tentatively scheduled fights will have hometown CMC Lethbridge fighters appearing, including: RITC Owner/Promoter Lee Mein, Jared Kilkenny, John Laing, and Dan ‘Torture’ Chambers.  With such a strong local flavor to the card, the fans should be quite exhuberant cheering on their favorite hometown fighters.


  1. Danny Roston vs. Walter Barios
  2. Jonathon Cummings vs Walter Swan
  3. Kyle McKee vs Francois Bourassa
  4. Greg Ufimtseff vs Justin Carpenter
  5. Ben Walsh vs Juan Morales
  6. Shane Olsen vs.Todd Mabott
  7. Jeremy Smerek vs. Pat Kelly
  8. Lee Mein vs. Ian Asham
  9. Jared Kilkenny vs Raphael Bergman
  10. Devin Kirk vs Darryl Stettler
  11. Mark Aparicio vs Chad Freeman
  12. Andrew Switzer vs. Travis Brunner
  13. Ira Horning vs. Justin Wong
  14. Mike Jones vs. Nick Goetz
  15. John Laing vs. Jared Abrahamson
  16. Dan Chambers vs Aaron Berke

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