Louis Spence Discusses Underground Warriors Victory


In this Cageplay.com video exclusive, Louis Spence reviews his performance after his fifth amateur MMA match this Saturday, November 1 on the Bears Den Underground Warriors VI card.  Spence won a standup war with Rene Catcheway, who was making his MMA debut after starting his fighting career as a boxer.  Louis Spence, a huge Peguis, Manitoba fan favorite, upped his amateur record to 3-2 by TKOing Catcheway in the second round after non-stop back and forth action.

For the complete play by play of the Louis Spence/Rene Catcheway fight along with the entire results of the Underground Warriors VI card, please Click Here.

2 Responses to “ Louis Spence Discusses Underground Warriors Victory ”

  1. tbspence says:

    good job Louis!

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  2. Bradley Sinclair says:

    louis good fight brother, sorry that i had my arm broken bro i really wanted to train with u guys im now in b.c. livin with ryan we r joining a brazilian ju-jutsu club here in b.c. soon in langley b.c. damn its hard traing in the mountains ryan really wants to fight next treaty we are pushing each other its very devestating on the lungs man i musta threw up like 3 times this week i cant really grapple with my injury yet but i am slowley getting my self to lift weights tell chris kirk says hi

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