Bears Den Underground Warriors: Exhibition Fight VI Results

By: made the trek to the Bears Den sixth promotion titled “Underground Warriors” in Peguis Manitoba. The event had over 400 people in attendance and the crowd was very educated in mixed martial arts.  They appreciated both the ground and stand up action of all the amateur fighters.  The spectators were treated to an awesome main event fight where Louis Spence outlasted Rene Catcheway in a stand up war.

Semi-Main Event 1 – Donovan Thomas vs. Devon Pelletier

In the Bears Den Fight of the Night, Donovan Thomas took the split decision victory.  Thomas was making his cage debut after training seven months with Chris Stranger‘s team.  The fight had lots of back and forth action with Donovan winning the last round on all the judges scorecards.  Devon Pelletier had less gas in his tank for the final round which ultimately led to his loss.  Donovan Thomas credited his “hard training that prepared me for the fight as the training was harder than the three rounds.”

Semi-Main Event 2 – Melvin Prince vs. Myles Spence

These boys came to bang and were a combined weight of over 500 pounds!  The fight started with both throwing punches trying to knock their opponent’s head off.  They both connected with flurries of punches, but Prince caught Spence with a big right hand that sent him to the cage floor stunned.  Prince looked to pounce on him but the referee called a halt to the action with a great stoppage giving Prince the victory via TKO due to strikes.

Main Event – Louis Spence vs. Rene Catcheway

The fight started out with Louis Spence landing the crisper punches bloodying up Catcheway early on.  Both fighters were swinging big punches, but neither seemed to be phased. Catcheway was really cut on the left temple and blood was flowing from his nose making it difficult for him to breathe. These two warriors do not know how to quit.  Each had moments in the first where either fighter could have won the fight had they been able to capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes. Catcheway narrowly missed connecting with a couple knees to Spence late in the first.  A very exciting round that seemed like about 10 minutes worth of action in 5.

The second round started with Spence showing composure while Catcheway is starting to slow down. Spence threw some hard kicks, slowing Catcheway down further. Spence attempted a takedown but ended up on the bottom with Catcheway taking his back. Rene worked for the choke, had his arm deep around the neck, but was unable to secure the hooks. Spence was able to reverse the position and ended up in Catcheway’s guard.  Spence ultimately passed Rene’s guard and obtained the mount.  From the mount, Spence landed some hard punches to the body and head and eventually took his back.   Here, Spence was able to land a few undefended punches before the referee was forced to stop the fight.  A great fight !!

Click here, to listen to Louis Spence Discuss his Victory.

Click here, to listen to Rene Catcheway reflect on his fight.

Quick Results

Louis Spence defeated Rene Catcheway by TKO in the 2nd round

Melvin Prince defeated Myles Spence by KO in the 1st

Troy Stevenson defeated Nelson Gomez by TKO in the 3rd

Donovan Thomas defeated Devon Pelletier by Split Decision

Garrett McPherson submitted Chris Paynter with Guillotine

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