’s Joe Doerksen Victorious at Sengoku


Joe Doerksen took another last minute fight last night with Sengoku at the Satama Super Arena in Satama, Japan.  Doerksen defeated strong wrestler Izuru Takeuchi (25-10-6) by TKO in the 3rd round with less than a minute left in the fight.  Doerksen came out with his trainer Giuseppe Denatale, manager Monte Cox, and some Bachman-Turner Overdrive blasting “Taking Care of Business” and that is exactly what he did.

Doerksen’s journey to Japan started on Tuesday when he had to fly to Calgary from Winnipeg to get his work visa forcing him to be delayed another day in his departure to Japan.  Moving his departure to Japan to Wednesday, Joe cut half his weight (he was around 193 the night before leaving), then sleep, and cut the rest the next day.  It turned out easier than expected and Joe was under 182!

Joe has not stopped training since his last fight in August and his conditioning was in top form.  His trainer Giuseppe Denatale had kept him ready in case he got the opportunity to be in the middleweight finals.

The first round Joe came out swinging some big bombs, as he displayed much improved striking.  Low kicks, high kicks, knees to the body and head.  The only thing that Takeuchi was able to do to him in the first was capitalize on a failed takedown attempt, and hold Doerksen down for moments.  Takeuchi was never able to threaten with any submissions or strikes.  Joe was patient when pinned and landed strikes whenever he could from the bottom or top, and had some nice upkicks too.

In the second round, Doerksen came out more aggressive and showed some slick jiu jitsu.  Doerksen went  after submissions forcing Takeuchi to defend pretty much the entire round. This round was all Doerksen.

The third round both fighters came out striking and both were not showing much signs of fatigue.  Doerksen had the striking advantage, landing some hard knees from the clinch with both hands behind his opponents head.  He ended up on the bottom but had a beautiful sweep that landed him in full mount. Joe did not disappoint and landed tons of punches that Takeuchi had no defense for.  He only tried bucking his hips to no avail.  With about a minute left, Joe rode his knees up into a higher mount and really started to unload the big punches.  The referee was forced to stop the bout as Takeuchi was not able to defend himself.

Joe moves to 2-0 in the land of the Rising Sun and we look forward to speaking with him when he gets back in the next few days.

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