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What does a fighter do when he has a long term injury?  If you are Jeff Joslin, you train other fighters and you develop your online presence.

When we last saw Joslin, he had just lost a tough fight against Josh Koschek in 2006 live on Spike TV’s Ultimate Fight Night.  In front of a large national audience, Joslin won over a lot of new fans while winning the stand up battle and almost submitting Koschek with a triangle attempt before ultimately losing a close  decision after three rounds.

Joslin was also robbed of a win over Jon Fitch where Jeff recovered from an illegal Fitch headbutt to dominate Fitch on the feet.  Fitch was in so much trouble that Fitch called a timeout and the referee amazingly gave him one.   Incredibly, Fitch got the split decision win.

Despite these high profile losses, many were calling Joslin a top 5 UFC welterweight.  Looking back now, it was much deserved praise as Joslin had given the number 2 (Fitch) and number 3 (Koschek) top Welterweights in the world all they could handle.  With his career in full stride, an unfortunate series of injuries brought his fight career to a sudden halt.

The UFC asked him to fight Kuniyoshi Hironaka on Spike TV in April 2007.  Unfortunately, Jeff pulled out due to a pulled back muscle he injured while kickboxing in the gym.  Then Jeff was scheduled to fight Chris Lytle in at UFC 73 in July 2007 but Jeff sustained a serious concussion while training for the fight.  The head injury left Joslin unable to perform any physical training for an entire year.  “I could not even ride a bike to keep up my cardio”, says Joslin.  Forced to postpone his fighting career, Jeff focused on other aspects of the fight game like training students at Joslin’s MMA in Hamilton and commentating.  He also did a lot of reading and gained some serious knowledge about the Internet.

Now in 2008, with his fight career still on hold, Jeff has successfully combined these two interests – MMA and the Internet – with his new online MMA training site,  Launched in October, provides mixed martial arts training from Jeff via the computer.  The site, run by Jeff and his strength and conditioning coach Eric Wong, features over 200 videos on proper fighting techniques including striking, ground work, take downs, and clinch work.  Eric Wong brings his expertise in the form of strength, stamina, and cardio content for the site.  Members of the site can also pose questions to Jeff and Eric.

In addition to his training site, Jeff has also been increasing his online presence by embracing Web 2.0.  You can find this UFC veteran on Facebook and Myspace, his frequently updated blog, and even a weekly Thursday night interactive video telecast that can feature trivia contests and fight techniques with viewers expected to participate.  Joslin has also tried his hand at commentating at the Fight Club in Alberta and at Iroquois MMA close to his Hamilton home.

Jeff, who’s dad started teaching full contact Karate in 1967, grew up in a martial arts environment.  He started classes when he was five but later quit to focus on hockey.  Later, he came back to martial arts and never missed a single class.  He started training jiu-jitsu from tapes but then moved down to Atlanta to train with Jacare at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu.  Upon returning to Canada, he also took 1 on 1 boxing lessons with Vito Brancacchio to improve his stand up.

Will Joslin ever return to the cage?  He is very hopeful and has started training once again.  “I am grappling at 100% and I am training my striking using only pads – no sparring yet,” claims Joslin, who says ” I feel better than ever and my grappling is better than ever.  Teaching students has made me go back to the basics.  Before I was always training for an opponent, now I have had time to actually pick up new stuff by studying different techniques.” After unable to do any physical activity for a year Joslin is “looking to get my cardio up and get in shape for a grappling tournament.”  Jeff is taking cautious steps towards fighting once again.  Lets hope this top Welterweight makes it back.

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  1. Pete Rodley says:

    GOOD STUFF!!!!

    Jeff is one hell of a guy and a great athlete/teacher! It was an honour having him represent Canada at the first FREEDOM FIGHT event and despite the judges mishap…I see him as the winner of that bout with Fitch.

    Im happy to hear he is back at training and didnt give up!



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