Ian Dawe – Words, Images, Direction – Chapter 18

Tribute Beard

Tribute Beard

Although there is no way to predict how the trials and tribulations I encounter along this journey will affect my future, the underlying sense of adventure and self-discovery is too much for me to deny.

I hope that by completely dedicating myself to this path that I will be able to see past the pleasantries of financial comfort and embrace the fulfillment that lies beyond the accumulation of material possessions and fruition.

Whether or not this journey will equate to great success or failure in the eyes of others is irrelevant to me. I am determined to explore both moments of growth and adversity with the same commitment.

Even though I have only been keeping a blog for a short period of time, I have always felt it was necessary to record my story.

The words and images I have tattooed on my body serve as a constant reminder of who I am, where I come from, and the man I aspire to be. This is their story.

Back Piece – The sacred heart in the middle of my back was my first tattoo. My nanny often carried a card with St.Jude and the sacred heart on it in her pocket. When she passed she left me her bible, the card was in it.

I am my Brothers Keeper – My brothers have always supported me regardless of if they agreed with my choices or not. We all have this tattoo.

Through it All – A reminder to stay true to myself no matter what.

Chest Piece – I have the portrait of two of the greatest people I have ever met tattooed on my chest, my Nanny and Grandpa.  I love and miss them deeply.

Steeple – This was purposely tattooed over my heart due to the fact that I believe that spirituality and faith are found within ones heart, not in any formal place of worship. I do not believe in any form of organized religion.

‘Onoshobishobi Ingelosi’ – taken from Bryce Courtenays novel, the Power of One. This represents a beacon of hope and inspiration.

“Sink or Swim” – This tattoo serves as a reminder to always give my best, to never back down or give up no matter what.

Side Piece – This tattoo is nowhere near finished and needs a lot of reworking and touch-ups. The overall theme is that things are not always as they appear to be and serves as a reminder to not judge people based on their appearance. I have a mother, priest, and business man represented in “hell” and a biker, street-worker, prisoner, and school girl ascending towards “heaven”.

Knees – The script translates to “The Keeper of Brothers”. Again, I chose to have the skulls within the roses to represent that sometimes negativity and darkness can be found in the most beautiful places.

09 08 08 – The day I lost the dearest friend and greatest inspiration I have ever known, I miss you brother.


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  1. Kaylie says:

    Thanks for the backstory behind your tattoos Ian. You seem to be very in touch with your emotions.

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