Freedom Fight puts the FREE into FREEDOM


Innovating Canadian MMA promotion launches its on line assault with a free sample fight.

Our friends at Freedom Fight are releasing their events on their website in DVD quality and will soon have Freedom Fight 2008 available.

Click the “WATCH FREEDOM FIGHT 2008” button above the banner on the right sidebar and watch a FREE fight from the upcoming pay per view show.  You will see a short highlight video followed by an explosive middleweight clash.

Stay tuned at as more Freedom events will be available in high quality PPV at a low cost.

9 Responses to “ Freedom Fight puts the FREE into FREEDOM ”

  1. Pete Rodley says:

    awesome thread title man!!!! Thanks for letting folks know about this…Im very excited to be launching off on line.

    Im also anxious to hear feedback because this is very new to me and I want to make it the best possible.



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  2. Taylor says:

    I enjoyed the free fight! Thanks FF!!

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  3. Pete Rodley says:

    Thanks for checking it out Taylor…Im glad you liked the fight. Much much more to come!


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  4. Nice fight. Demolition Man looked overmatched. Thanks Freedom Fight!!

    How about showing the Joslin/Fitch match from 2005 next, Pete? please.

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  5. Pete Rodley says:

    Hi Keith,

    Despite that being a very competitive fight Id have to agree with you that Joel came in the underdog. It was his first bout in front of a bigger crowd and was a small 185er..these 2 things alone can make a lesser man break. BUT he stepped up and gave a whicked fight and brought out the best in Showtime….

    The Joslin/Fitch fight is available on DVD and has been distributed globally. With the DVD agreement we can’t put those fights on line….YET!!!!

    thanks for the feedback!!!


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  6. Don says:

    Freedom Fight thanks for the fight! Showtime seems to always have an entertaining fight. I saw him fight here in Winnipeg @ UCW knocking out Jamie McDonald with a leg kick in just over one minute in the first round.

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  7. Pete Rodley says:

    ohh man that was a crazy KO!!!!

    I was at his MMA debut at UCW where he was so wild the ref couldnt get out of the way fast enough and ended up on a stretcher!!!

    Im glad you enjoyed the fight we posted!!! Much much more to come!!!



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  8. Pete Rodley says:

    more videos coming soon

    more fighter bios up now

    more ring girl pics up now

    HUGE cageplay plug on all pages

    great pic of M.A. Drolet and Joe Dirte…2 handsome lads

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  9. Pete Rodley says:

    Just added 2 hot videos in the ring girl section…check it out!!!!

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