John Cooper Wants to See You at Island KOTC


John Cooper wants to see you this Saturday on Vancouver Island. In fact, he wants to see you so badly that he is offering up two tickets to his Saturday October 18th KOTC card to a reader. Any reader who comments on this story will be put into a draw for two tickets to the Island KOTC card this Saturday.

John is the promoter for Island KOTC and a local realtor.  This will be the second KOTC card that John has promoted in Nanaimo.  Cooper is also the matchmaker for this event which he has loaded with up and coming local talent.  The card, which has 17 scheduled fights, features an incredible 32 fighters from British Columbia.  John is a promoter who gets his hands dirty as he prospects most of these athletes in person and even rolls with them, so he knows exactly what he is getting when he books them to fight.

John has been involved in MMA since 1999 when he started training with David Lea at Toshido Fighting Arts in Kelowna, BC.  He originally assisted David Lea with his World Freestyle Fighting promotion, graduated to promoting his own Submission Wrestling shows, and finally worked with KOTC in Vernon before launching his own promotion in Nanaimo.  His show on Vancouver Island looks to “create a quality launching pad for local mma athletes,” according to Cooper.

Showcasing new local talent is exactly what King of the Cage: Impact will do on October 18.  Two of the four main event fighters, Jason Heit and Dan MacIver, each only have one professional MMA fight.  However, these two are far from overmatched. Jason Heit has a combined MMA, kickboxing, and boxing record of 39 wins and 5 losses (35 KOs) and will take on tough KOTC veteran Elmer Waterhen.  “Jason Heit could go against anyone in Canada at 170.  Heit’s ring experience as a boxer is impressive…and Elmer’s durability and cage experience should match up well for an exciting fight !,” says an enthusiastic Cooper.  When discussing the Nick Hinchliffe/Dan MacIver match, John is equally ebulllient.  “Dan MacIver is an animal and the winner of this fight deserves a title shot (against KOTC Champion Travis Galbraith).”  Hinchliffe is a 9-2 KOTC veteran who brings a lot to the table and will be a very tough test for the MacIver, who is undefeated in submission grappling and amateur and pro MMA.  “MacIver/Hinchliffe could be the fight of the night.”

A couple undercard fighters to look out for include Mike Ironside, Adam Gabel, and Darcy James.  Ironside, in particular, is an interesting story as he is 41 and will be making his professional debut.  Mike is a local bouncer who has trained in martial arts his entire life.  The Mike Ironside versus Curtis Suter fight should be loud as Mike “is bringing the whole island with him,” says Cooper.  “Everyone on the Island knows Mike”, who faces one of the few out of town fighters in Suter from Saskatoon.

Tickets for the event to be held at Frank Crane Arena are moving very quickly and cageside seats are expected to sell out by Friday.  The arena will by rocking with an expected 3300 spectators and only a handful of VIP and Row 1 tickets are still available.  You can purchase these tickets by calling 1-866-956-6229. General admission tickets are also available online at or in person at UMC Clothing.

The winner of the KOTC ticket draw will be emailed by with ticket information, so please leave your email address on the posting.  This address will remain private.

Click here for complete KOTC card information:  Island KOTC: Impact

3 Responses to “ John Cooper Wants to See You at Island KOTC ”

  1. Don says:

    Sounds like this is going to be a pretty exciting night! I am curious to see how heit does and how quickly he rises to the top.

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  2. Quickly? The guy is on pace to have 2 fights every 11 years :)

    This is going to be a crazy card, with so many fights! The fans are definately getting their money’s worth.

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  3. Josh says:

    Please sign me up for the free tickets!

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