Ken Shamrock Issues Apology


On October 4th, millions of fans turned on CBS to watch former UFC fighter and WWF wrestler Ken Shamrock battle EliteXC’s top draw, Kimbo Slice.  In a shocking twist, the struggling promotion and its viewers were told that Ken Shamrock had received a cut while training hard the day of the fight.  Stitches were required and Shamrock would not be allowed by the Florida State Boxing Commission to fight that night.  Just like that, Ken Shamrock’s shot at a return to glory ended.

The rest is history.  Kimbo and Seth Petruzelli were asked by EliteXC to fight in the main event against each other.  Both men stepped up to face a fighter that they did not train for and the man that EliteXC built their promotion around was subsequently knocked out by Petruzelli in 14 seconds.

Shamrock, who has not been talking with the media, has opted to issue an apology via his website,  In his open letter, Shamrock mentions the missed “great opportunity” to fight Kimbo in this “highly anticipated event.”  Shamrock goes on to write:

I want to apologize to all of my fans, and to the EliteXC and CBS executives who worked so hard to put this fight together.  I also want to apologize to Kimbo, Bas Rutten and their entire camp for what happened. I recognize that I put them in a very bad situation, particularly Kimbo. It’s difficult to walk into the ring after training for one opponent only to find out hours before the fight that you have to face some you don’t know or have never seen fight.

Shamrock goes on to mention how he trains with his partners in order to stay focused on that day’s fight.  Unfortunately, this pre-fight training resulted in the deep cut and subsequent medical disqualification from fighting.

I was just doing a light roll to check holds when I got caught by a head butt. It was a freak accident and I didn’t think anything of it until I saw drops of blood. It appeared to be a deep laceration so I had my physician look at it and we immediately went to the emergency room. When they said the cut would require stitches, my heart sank because I knew that the Florida Boxing Commission would not let me fight. I was disappointed because I knew this was an opportunity to give the fans, my friends, and my family something to cheer about.  It has been a hard couple of years for me, and for my fans.  I have suffered some disappointing losses.  I definitely regret my decision to train on the day of the fight.

Shamrock later goes on to hope that EliteXC still goes ahead with a fight with him and Kimbo at a later date.  Although this fight still makes sense, it is unknown whether CBS or EliteXC will be forgiving Ken any time soon and booking this fight or the often speculated brother vs. brother matchup featuring Ken Shamrock vs. Frank Shamrock.

Click here to view Ken Shamrock’s complete Open Letter Apology.

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