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EliteXC is putting on their third, and most critical, show on CBS this Saturday October 4th. Entitled “Heat”, this card is coming live from Kimbo Slice’s neck of the woods – Florida.  Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson will be taking on UFC/WWE veteran Ken Shamrock in the main event of the card.  Although that main event does not leave the mouth watering, there are some highly anticipated fights.  These include the recently added ex-UFC champion Andrei Arlovski vs. ex-IFL champion Roy Nelson, the 16-2-1 Kelly Kobald taking a run at American Gladiator Gina Carano, and the best welterweight in the world not in UFC, Jake Shields.

The following are Cageplay.com’s predictions for the EliteXC card.  Make sure you make your own Free Fantasy MMA picks at Cageplay.com.

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson (3-0) vs. Ken Shamrock(26-13-2)

Kimbo Slice is the street fighter that EliteXC has built their promotion around. Unfortunately for EliteXC, Kimbo’s MMA career is very young and his last opponent, James Thompson, exposed many holes in Kimbo’s ground game.  However, one can expect Slice to have trained the last five months on his ground game and be more solid in that department.  Ferguson is a power puncher and has beaten all of his opponents in the standup.  Look for Ferguson to keep this fight standing as well.

At age 44, Ken Shamrock is no ageless wonder like Randy Couture.  Shamrock has lost his last six consecutive fights and has not been victorious since beating Kimo Leopoldo in 2004.  Shamrock’s lone chance in this fight is to catch a wayward leg of Kimbo’s at some point in the fight.  Similar to Frank Mir’s catching of Brock Lesnar in UFC 81, Shamrock has a chance to submit his opponent by one of his patented knee bars or heel hooks.

Cageplay.com Prediction: Ken Shamrock is the perfect opponent for Kimbo at this stage of Kimbo’s career.  Shamrock has star power that attracts the masses and eroded skills that will be dominated by Kimbo Slice’s power.  Unfortunately, Shamrock has not been able to take an opponent down this decade, so he will be forced to stand and trade. Kimbo will knock out Shamrock in the first round.

Andrei Arlovski (13-5) vs. Roy Nelson (13-2)

Viewers must thank the Affliction promotion for lending EliteXC their star heavyweight after the Affliction card from October 11 got postponed.  It is too bad that Josh Barnett did not come along with him.  However, beggars cannot be choosers, and IFL champion Roy Nelson is a decent alternative.  Hopefully the “Pitbull” who knocked out Ben Rothwell with a flying knee returns in this fight.  If that Andrei shows up, watch out for quick fireworks as Arlovski’s speed and boxing skills should overwhelm Nelson.

Roy “Big Country” Nelson is a fan favorite do his “everyman” appearance and winning ways.  Nelson, who can knock ’em out or tap ’em out, is facing his biggest opponent to date.  “Big Country” has five consecutive wins coming into this fight but his last loss (split decision) was the recent victim of Arlovski – Ben Rothwell.

Cageplay.com Prediction: Do not use MMA math (Arlovski > Rothwell > Nelson) to determine this fight’s outcome.  Instead look at Arlovski’s crisp stand up and speed advantage to finish off “Big Country” in a hurry.

Welterweight Champion Jake Shields (21-4-1) vs. Paul Daley (18-6-2) for EliteXC Welterweight title

Jake Shields is simply the best welterweight outside of the UFC.  Shields has good stand up and great take downs that can result in a submission or a ground and pound victory.  Shields, who is looking to move up to middleweight to fight Matt Lindland or Robbie Lawler, will fight anyone and has beaten the last 10 fighters he has faced.  Shields is a great fighter who is looking for great fights.  Unfortunately, all of the other good welterweights reside in the UFC.

At the ripe old age of 25, Paul Daley did what Ken Shamrock should do – retire.  In a shocking turn of events (Editor note: saracasm), unretired six months later to take the fight against Shields.  Lucky for this Englishman that the EliteXC welterweight division is thin, as he gets an immediate title shot.  Daley does have an advantage in this fight, as he is quite the marksman with his punches.  If he is able to keep this fight standing, Daley could walk away with a victory.

Cageplay.com Prediction: One does not win ten consecutive fights by being a stupid fighter.  Jake Shields will avoid the standup and quickly take down Daley – capitalizing on Daley’s weaker ground game.  Shields will win in the first by ground and pound or submission.

Gina Carano (6-0) vs. Kelly Kobald (16-2-1)

American Gladiator Gina Carano looks to continue her undefeated ways against her toughest opponent to date, Kelly Kobald.  Carano, the darling of EliteXC, loves the stand up and will try to utilize her Muay Thai against the always game Kobald.

Kelly Kobald is the physically biggest fighter that Carano has ever faced.  Kobald has more experience than Carano but could be rusty after sitting out a year due to Bodog contract issues.  Kobold has lost her last two fights to unofficial women’s champion, Tara Larosa, and Julie Kedzie, who recently lost to Carano.  That aside, Kelly could steal some of the quick three minute women’s rounds by taking Carano down and attacking her from the guard.

Cageplay.com Prediction: Carano will win a decision in the EliteXC FIght of the Night and fans will be left wishing that women fought for 5 minute rounds rather than 3.  Lets hope that Carano makes weight on this fight to keep it a level playing field.

Benji Radach (18-4) vs. Murilo “Ninja” Rua(16-8-1)

Benji Radach is another IFL fighter who has found a new home.  Radach has fought in many promotions including the UFC and the WEC.  Benji can be accused of losing the big fights as he has lost to Chris Leben, Matt Horwich, and Sean Sherk but no one can deny his warrior spirit.  Radach wins an incredible 78% of his fights via KO or TKO and he will be looking to knock Ninja out.

Murilo Rua in the brother of the UFC’s Mauricio “Shogun” Rua so he has great bloodlines.  However, like Radach, Ninja tends to come up short in the big fights – losing to Rampage, Filho, Kang and Lawler among others.  This Brazilian fighter can win anywhere in the cage – via submission or by KO.  Look for Ninja to avoid Radach’s striking prowess and try to win this on the ground.

Cageplay.com Prediction: Cageplay takes Radach in a close fight.  Radach will come into this fight in better shape than Rua and will win via TKO in the third round as Rua will tire by the last round.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (5-1) vs. Yoko Takahashi (13-9)

Cristiane Cyborg made her incredible North American debut at EliteXC on CBS 2 where she stopped Shayna Baszler with her formidable stand up game.  In one of the stranger MMA moments, she jumped the cage in celebration with Baszler on the mat.  Steve Mazagatti did not end the fight and started yelling at Cristiane Cyborg if she wanted to continue.  Finally, the Brazilian Cyborg realized that the fight was still on, jumped off the fence,  and pounded out Baszler.

Takahashi has had an up and down career.  As a submission specialist (70% of her victories come via sub), she needs to take Cyborg to the ground and away from Cyborg’s punching power.

Cageplay.com Prediction: Cristiane Cyborg will prove to be too strong for Takahashi and will pound out a TKO in the first round.

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