WEC Drops Heavier Divisions in 2009


World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) announced today that they will be focussing on their lighter divisions starting in 2009.  “The WEC will no longer actively promote light heavyweight and middleweight fights after the Dec. 3rd event. This increased attention to the sport’s lighter divisions makes the WEC the undisputed home of the most exciting lighter weight fighters in mixed martial arts,” the WEC states on their web site.

Peter Dropick, WEC Vice President claims, “With every fight, the WEC has proven itself to be a powerful and growing presence in sports. Exciting matchups like Torres vs. Tapia on Dec. 3 and the incredible fights we have planned for 2009 under this new structure will no doubt establish WEC as the home of the best lighter weight fighters in the world.”

The result of this announcements means that the WEC will solely have welterweight, lightweight, featherweight, and bantamweight divisions.  This leaves middleweight champion Paul Filho and light-heavyweight champion Steve Cantwell possibly on their way to the UFC. It has been reported that Cantwell will move to the UFC prior to 2009 and rematch Brian Stann at UFC’s Fight for the Troop this December 3 at Fort Bragg.  This matchup makes sense as Stann is a former army First Lieutenant.

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