King of the Cage: Impact October 18 Lineup


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday October 18th Island King of the Cage with John Cooper as the driver, is stacked with 18 fights scheduled.  In the main event local favorite Jason Heit takes on Saskatoons Elmer Waterhen, and Nick Hinchliffe  is set to take on Dan MacIver from Maple Ridge, BC in front of his hometown crowd.  Stay tuned to for more KOTC – Impact coverage.

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170lbs – Jason Heit (Island MMA, Victoria, BC) VS Elmer Waterhen (Champions Fight Club, Saskatoon, Sask.)


185lb – Nick Hinchliffe (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Dan Mac Iver (The Fight Pit, Maple Ridge, BC)


170lb – Aaron Bruce (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Adam Gabel (Peterec’s MMA, Victoria, BC)

265lb – Rob Konopski (Sugar Rays Boxing/Franco Pankration, Vancouver, BC) VS Curtis Suter (Champions Fight Club, Saskatoon, Sask.)

150lb – Darcy James (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Kelly LeBlanc (Dragon Martial Arts, Port Alberni, BC)

145lb – Kodi Bird (Sholty Jiu Jitsu, Prince George, BC) VS Sean Albrecht (The Fight Pit, Maple Ridge, BC)

145lb – Nick Driedger (ZUMA Martial Arts, Victoria, BC) VS Kevin Timothy (Dragon Martial Arts, Port Alberni, BC)

265lb – Mike Ironside (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Brian Booth (Team Denarius, Vancouver, BC)

135lb – Chris Lesley (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Time Jeffries (Sholty Jiu Jitsu, Prince George, BC)

170lb – Reuben Brownlee (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Kyle Holt (Team Denarius, Vancouver, BC)

185lb – Ryan Ballingall (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Ryan Janes (ZUMA Martial Arts, Victoria, BC)

185lb – Mike Hackert (Pure Self Defense, Campbell River, BC) VS Dustin Dickeson (Team Denarius, Vancouver, BC)

145lb – Upneet Rai (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Cory Gower (Final Round MMA, Duncan, BC)

205lb – Duncan Wilson (Independent, Parksville, BC) VS Ashley Graham (Canada’s Best Karate, Victoria, BC)

145lb – Shaun Payne (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Tyler Lync (Island MMA, Victoria, BC)

155lb – Rob Bastone (Tofino Judo Club, Tofino, BC) VS Jeremy Ekkert (Richmond MMA, Richmond, BC)

170lb – Keith Gagnon (Sholty Jiu Jitsu, Prince George, BC) VS Mike Reid (Team Denarius, Vancouver, BC)

170lb – Rob Withers (Impact MMA, Nanaimo, BC) VS Taerk Gabali (Olson Martial Arts, Victoria, BC)

16 Responses to “ King of the Cage: Impact October 18 Lineup ”

  1. John Cooper says:

    This card is going to be SICK!!!!

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  2. Ryan Loughlin says:

    Shaun Payne is going to shit kick this guy. Bring on the HOUSE OF PAYNE

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  3. Tomster says:

    HAHA you must be smoking crack. Payne is going to get absolutely Smashed!!

    Under 2 minutes!

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  4. Sarah Payne says:

    Shaun is going to get destroyed in two minutes!!!

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  5. Don says:

    Sarah – can I assume no relation to Shaun or do you two just not get along? Married perhaps?

    – My money is on Sarah submitting Shaun’s wallet in the first round forcing a tap out :)

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  6. hailey says:

    go campbell river

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  7. John Cooper says:

    Tyler Link is out Shawn Payne is fighting Adam Maanami from Gibson Pankration, he is 2-0 in MMA,

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  8. has been informed that Mike Ironside will now face Curtis Suter as both fighter’s previous opponents have pulled out due to injury.

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  9. Adam says:

    Can anyone pass on any information, or point me in the direction toward any upcoming fight shows on Vancover Island this winter? I am currently trying to get aquainted with the fight game here and any info would be appreciated. Specifically I am interested in stand up and muay thai fights.



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  10. Hi Adam, appreciate your comment.

    Click on our contact link at the top, and send me your contact info, and I will put you in touch with somebody who has the lowdown on the island mma scene.


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  11. Adam says:


    We’re looking forward to seeing the standard of B.C.’s fighters!


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  12. Rob says:

    For all of you that are trying to get acquainted with the Island Fight scene, Mid Island – Nanaimo and area
    the stable of Don Arnott – Tomari trains some pretty solid fighters. He also promotes the So YOu Wanna Fight card that a few of the boys from the Saturday event got there start from. So You Wanna Fight is happening on November 22 out in Cedar last I heard. Nanaimo also supports Impact MMA and some of their boys are on the show as well. Pederec’s Promotion is pretty solid out of Victoria. There are a few up and coming clubs popping up as the MMA scene’s growth is gaining a lot of popularity on the Island.

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  13. Mike says:

    Any results from KOTC 18?

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  14. KOTC Impact
    18 Oct. 2008
    Frank Crane Arena
    Nanaimo, BC
    Credit: MM-Eh! , , and Andy Cotterill when re-posting these results.

    Jason Heit def. Elmer Waterhen
    Dan MacIver def. Nick Hinchliffe
    Aaron Bruce def. Adam Gabel
    Darcy James def. Kelly Leblanc
    Curtis Suter def. Mike Ironside
    Ryan Janes def. Ryan Ballingall
    Shawn Albrecht def. Kodie Bird
    Nick Driedger def. Kevin Timothy
    Tim Jeffries def. Chris Lesley
    Darrin Schritt def. Reuben Brownlee
    Shaun Payne def. Adam Naamani
    Cory Gower def. Upneet Rai
    Duncan Wilson def. Ashley Graham
    Rob Bastone def. Jeremy Ekkert
    Mike Hackert def. Kerry Melnyk
    Tarek Gabali def. Rob Withers
    Keith Gagnon def. Mike Reid

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  15. Mike says:

    Wow that was quick.. will there be any video from the event online?

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  16. Ryan Loughlin says:

    To the people who thought that shaun would lose


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