Ultimate Cage Wars Alive and Well


Since the last Ultimate Cage Wars event on Sept. 12th, co-promoters Krzysztof Sosynski and Tony Condello have agreed to part ways, both issuing statements with their take and opinion on the matter.  While talking to Sherdog.com Krzysztof issue the following statement.

“Effective immediately, Geneviève and I (Krzysztof) will no longer be partners in Ultimate Cage Wars (UCW),” it read. “We were not happy with the direction of the company nor the way certain departments were run. If you chose to continue business with UCW we wish you all the best… Geneviève and I are looking forward to starting a new promotion in the fall of 2009.”

This in turn had people wondering what was next if anything for the promotion.  The reality of it, is the promotion is alive and well, and everybody working for the company has 100% commitment to their UCW jobs when this wasn’t always the case in the past.

UCW last night issued this statement.

“This is a Ultimate Cage Wars official statement for release. Tony Condello and Krzysztof Sosynski have agreed to part ways after the last show on Sept 12 2008. Mr. Condello feels Krzysztof Sosynski’s busy training schedule and his move to the United States has seriously impacted his effectiveness to co promote the UCW show’s here in Winnipeg. We wish Krzysztof Sosynski all the best in the future and would like to ensure to our great and loyal fans that the shows will continue under the direction of CEO Tony Condello and his management staff.”

Gabriel Santos
President of Operations
Ultimate Cage Wars

Stay tuned for more information regarding the next Ultimate Cage Wars show on Nov. 28th at the Winnipeg Convention Center.  If anybody is interested in being on this card please contact Gabriel at Gabriel@ultimatecagewars.com

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