GSP, Anderson Silva, Rampage in “Death Warrior” Movie


Recently in Showdown Joe’s article here on, Joe mentioned that Georges St. Pierre was going to be involved in a movie in the future.  GSP himself confirmed this on his online blog.  Today, has learned that this movie is called “Death Warrior”.

Death Warrior - Starring Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, and Rampage Jackson

Death Warrior is currently in production and GSP just went down to California to shoot some scenes.  The movie is written and directed by Hector Echavarria.  The plot of Death Warrior is a tale of five of the best mixed martial arts champions from around the world who are forced to play a deadly game – a game to the death.

According to, Georges will be playing a character named “Crusher”.  Also scheduled to appear in the film are Anderson Silva as “Fuego”, Rampage Jackson as “Wolf”, and Nick Nolte as “Russel”.  St. Pierre also mentions in his blog that former UFC fighter, Fabiano Iha, will also be involved in the movie.

9 Responses to “ GSP, Anderson Silva, Rampage in “Death Warrior” Movie ”

  1. Trolligans says:

    haven’t I heard of this plot before?
    Fencing… to the death
    Paintball… to the death
    People Hunting… to the death
    Racing… to the death
    Rollerderby… to the death
    MMA… to the death

    Come on Hollywood. Come up with an original plot for once. Or… just make a movie about a fighter whose career has been interesting (ie. Couture, champ, loses and drops weight, champ, loses and retires, EPIC comeback against Timmy). Far better than MMA Death Warrior

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  2. Ping Pong to the death would be cool! :)

    Least somebodies brother or partner wasn’t killed, and they are out for revenge.

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  3. Contayjis says:

    Marc – Ping Pong to the death came out 2 years ago with “balls of fury” with Christopher walken….it was ehhhhh

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  4. Very true! k, maybe everything but Ping Pong haha


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  5. Nick says:

    Beer Pong to the death.

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  6. D says:

    Nick Nolte? why was Gary Bussey unavailable?

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  7. lolwut says:


    This just screams oscar!

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  8. Jason says:

    Oh gawd…

    Props to them for making some coin on the side, but ya….

    Darts would be cool, but LAWN DARTS WOULD BE DEADLIER!! OMG RUN!

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  9. mma says:

    Just like the story line to Never surrender wich has GSP in it…

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