Ultimate Cage Wars 13: Tap or Snap Results


Ultimate Cage Wars 13 had a good night of fights, with what I would estimate about 40% more people than the last show. The night started off at 8 o’clock a half hour after the scheduled start time, but the venue had huge lineups and so many people would have missed the fights had they been on time through no fault of the promotion.

Chris Cunningham vs. Matt Veley

In the first fight Chris “Wam Bam” Cunningham took on Matt Veley with Cunningham out of Toronto’s Xtreme Kickboxing & MMA gym and Veley coming from Gladiator’s MMA in Kingston.

The fights starts out with Veley landing a big right and a few uppercuts. They clinch and Veley goes for a standing guillotine and goes to his back, but is unable to keep position, and they get stood up.

Cunningham lands some hard loud leg kicks and they clinch with Veley trying for a guillotine again, and going to his back mostly looking to tie up rather than submit his opponent. The ref stands them up again for inactivity. When they engage Veley jumps to a guillotine and throws a body punch while in the air, looking to be losing position, but he ends up getting to his back and forcing Cunningham to tap out at 4:35 of the 1st round due to a guillotine choke.

Joey Ayres vs. Michael Walton

Next up was two Ontario fighters with Joey Ayres and Mike “Sweetie Pie” Walton squaring off. Walton starts out using his reach and landing a few jabs to keep Ayres at bay. Ayres lands a hard punch but instead of capitalizing, he steps back and touches gloves with Walton to acknowledge the exchange, Walton clinches and takes Ayres back, secruing a standing Rear Naked Choke at 2:22 of the 1st round getting the submission victory when Ayres was forced to tap out.

Jose Rodriguez vs Ryan Bawn

Jose Rodriguez from Saskatchewan was up next to take on Ryan Bawn from Kingston Ontario. They clinch quick and Rodriguez is picking apart Bawn early. Bawn goes for a guillotine and ends up on the bottom and eats a few hard punches and then the punches got harder as he was unable to avoid them and the referee was forced to stop the fight due to not defending while taking some hard shots early in the first.

Andrija Pavlic vs. Isaias Alvarado

Andrija Pavlic and Isaias Alvarado were both scheduled to fight different opponents in different divisions. Pavlic at 205 and Alvarado at 185. Kudos to both guys for stepping up and taking the other on, when they didn’t have to. The fight starts quick with Alvarado throwing a huge right hand at Pavlic but it doesn’t land and Pavlic clinches and gets the takedown. They are vying for position when they get back to their feet, with Pavlic immediately getting the takedown and works to mount, getting Alvarado’s back and securing the Rear Naked Choke getting the submission win at 1:32 of the 1st round.

Roland Delorme vs. Dwight Sutherland

The next fight had the most interest and loudest fans with Roland Delorme taking on Dwight Sutherland. Cageplay.com featured both fighters leading up to this fight, and neither fighter disappointed. The fight starts out with Sutherland throwing a few head kicks, but they are partially blocked and he doesn’t follow up with any other strikes. Dwight forces the takedown and has Delorme on his back, but Delorme is busy looking for armbars and triangles, having Sutherland in trouble a number of times, and has Sutherland`s back, again to mount. Delorme is the much more experienced grappler, having grappled almost as long as Sutherland has been alive, but Sutherland looks very good, defending submission after submission, but Delorme eventually got a hold of Sutherland`s arm and didn’t waste any time locking on the armbar forcing the tap. Great fight, and Sutherland although only 17 years old proved he belongs in the cage, and that with a bit of diet tweaking could be a force at 135. Look for big things to come from both these competitors. This fight was both Cageplay.com’s Fight of the Night.

Delorme and Sutherland fight of the night

Delorme and Sutherland fight of the night

Victor Daychief vs. Brian Constant

A few Lethbridge fighters came to bang, and Victor Daychief and Brian Constant were both swinging for the fences with some serious intentions. Constant got the takedown and soon is covered in blood as Daychief was cut in the initial exchange. Daychief reverses the position as the crowd roars, Daychief senses he is in trouble and starts landing some hard shots to the body and head, mixing it up, not giving Constant a chance to regroup. Daychief locks on a guillotine check and rolls to his back to force the submission and get the victory in the 1st via Submission.

Jean-Marc Lalonde vs Dominick Blais

Jean-Marc Lalonde came to Winnipeg for his 3rd Ultimate Cage Wars match, looking to go 2-1 in Manitoba, against the local favorite Dominick Blais. Lalonde came to the ring bouncing and very energetic while Blais came in slow and relaxed. Lalonde rushes in immediately and gets the takedown and looks to land some ground and pound. He is unable to land any damaging shots will Blais is thinking of a submission, but unable to secure anything. They work back to their feet and Lalonde appears to have a takedown but is reversed at the last second with Blais landing on top in mount. He starts landing some hard strikes while maintaining position. The referee is forced to stop the match at 3:28 of the 1st giving Blais the TKO victory. Lalonde wasn’t happy with the stoppage but was gracious in defeat acknowledging Blais’ victory. This was a very spirited and energetic match, and both fighters will continue to improve as they compete and train. Neither fighter was happy with their performance, but this is just a testament of how seriously these two take their fighting careers and how high they set their expectations. Big win Blais, and he beats his toughest opponent to date.

Lindsey Hawkes vs. Clint Martin

In the main event of the evening, Lindsey Hawkes, from Curtis Brigham’s Academy of mixed martial arts, with his team up 3-0 on the evening looks to go 4-2 on his career and derail the 4-0 Martin. Hawkes can sometimes be a slow starter but he threw some fast hard uppercuts and they immediately clinch. Hawkes it controlling position but neither fighter lands any significant strikes from the position, and they end up on the ground with Hawkes on top. Martin is in guard looking for subs, but is unable to break Hawkes posture and really threaten for a submission, while taking some hard punches. As the punches get harder Martin looks to turn away and Hawkes pours it on forcing the referee to stop the fight in the 1st giving Lindsey Hawkes the TKO victory, and the Winnipeg academy of mixed martial arts goes 4-0 on the night.

Good job and congrats to everybody who fought, and we look forward to the next show in November as the show looks to build off it’s momentum. Also congrats to all the people involved in making Ultimate Cage Wars a success for everybody.

Pictures provided by Bob Holliday

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  1. steve says:

    cunningham is not out of xtreme cotoure hes out of xtreme mma in peterborough ont

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  2. matt says:

    I would also like to state that matt veley landed the straight right followed by upper cuts in the start of the round after catching chris’s leg kick. not the other way around as the article states!!!

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  3. Sorry Matt, I got you guys mixed up a few times! (I’ve fixed it now)

    Good fight and win!

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  4. Samantha Veley says:

    HAHA Matt Veley is my brother:P:P

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