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A very lean Lindsey Hawkes had just finished weighing in for tonight’s fight at 154.5 lbs and, in between gulps of Gatorade, was nice enough to chat with before heading off to eat.   Hawkes oozes confidence and after watching his last fight, its easy to understand why.  Last January at UMC IX, Lindsey was able to showcase his Muay Thai skills against Derek Andrewchuk.  The result?  Lindsey, 3-2 as a fighter, dominated the clinch and fed Andrewchuk a steady diet of knees and then knocked out his opponent with a highlight reel right head kick.

Clint Martin faces Lindsay Hawkes at UCW 13

Clint Martin faces Lindsey Hawkes at UCW 13

His opponent at UCW 13 Tap or Snap is Clint Martin, who has had a busy and successful 2008.  Martin is an Ottawa fighter who has seemingly been smashing his way across Canada.  Unbeaten in his four professional fights this year, Martin has fought twice in Nova Scotia, twice in Ottawa and now will be fighting Hawkes in Winnipeg on September 12.   Finishing all four of his opponents (2 submission and 2 TKO), Martin will be a stiff test for the Winnipeg-born Hawkes.

Hawkes is unconcerned.  “I will be Martin’s toughest opponent,” states Hawkes. A glance at Martin’s opponents shows that Lindsey is correct as Martin has yet to fight an opponent with a winning record.  “I feel that I am bigger, stronger, and have more endurance than him.”  Hawkes has also gone the distance twice, something his opponent has never done.   Lindsey wants to give Martin a war and after the first round will “smile across the cage at his opponent – breaking his heart, his confidence.” However, Hawkes does remain cautious of his opponent’s skill, mentioning that Martin, “is very good on the ground and on his feet,” knowing that “Martin trains with an excellent team.”

Hawkes, 23, is a UCW stalwart and will be entering the cage for the promotion for the fifth time.  The WAMMA fighter is 2-2 in UCW and wants to make amends for his fight where he made a mistake and got caught in a choke.  Three other WAMMA teammates will be participating on the card and Lindsey feels that they should sweep their fights as “we have a great team who work very hard and no one brings an ego to the club.”  Lindsey has been training hard under coach Curtis Brigham for this fight and feels no pressure fighting in front of his home town friends and family.

In fact, his mother is very excited for Lindsey’s fight and she was the one to get Lindsey interested in MMA.  “They (his mother and father) watched all of the early UFCs with their satellite” and enrolled Lindsey as a teenager in martial arts classes.  At 17, Lindsey became very serious with his training and started Muay Thai fighting and also training some boxing and jiu-jitsu.  After going 5-0 in Muay Thai, Lindsey joined Brigham at WAMMA where Lindsey brought his fighting skills together.

With Martin’s penchant for ending fights quickly and Hawkes’ complete domination of his last opponent, this well-matched fight should be a battle.  Do not expect this one to go the distance.  Look for Martin to try to take this to the ground, while Hawkes, who is capable of submitting from his back, looks to scramble to his feet and keep it standing.  Hawkes prediction, “TKO 2nd round by Ground ‘n Pound.”

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  1. Boots says:

    Martin will KO Lindsay in the 1st!

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  2. Ace says:

    Lindsey is going to Drop Martin! Bring a tissue box, Booty!

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  3. I’d like to see a Lindsey Hawkes vs. Mark “Boots” Holst in an Ultimate Cage Wars or Freedom Fight matchup.

    If it was in Freedom it would be for the title.

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  4. Ace says:


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  5. frd says:

    ahahahaha your guess was totally off boots, lindsey teared him apart :P

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  6. brandon boriskewich says:

    Lindseys gonna chew this martin fuker up best beleive that shit

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  7. Tink says:

    hmmmm, i wonder who will win??

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