Ultimate Cage Wars 13: Dominick Blais vs. Jean-Marc Lalonde


In the semi main event, local fan favorite Dominick Blais is set to take on rising star Jean-Marc Lalonde in a very interesting matchup. I’m good friends with both of these guys, have been at most of their fights knowing them both very well, and am having a hard time picking a winner. Both fighters bring a different style to the ring that is sure to blow the roof off the place, and possibly be fight of the night.

Both fighters work hard, and train as hard as anybody out there, with Lalonde working his way through the high school wrestling ranks and then transitioning his game to work in mixed martial arts while honing his game at Bruckmann Martial Arts and Jason MacDonald’s camp in Red Deer. Blais trains under Curtis Brigham at the Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts, and has been there twice a day in preparation for this fight.

Fighting in front of all his friends and family does not add any extra pressure for Blais. He takes this as serious as anybody can, and is not going in there to lose, yet does not see the result of the match as the biggest factor in his career. He takes it each class at a time, and believes that if you train properly and work hard, competing is the reward for all that hard work, and it’s the benefits and experiences gained from the training that you benefit from. His motivation and goal is to better himself and he has gained alot from some of his previous defeats.

The key for Lalonde to win this fight is to put Blais on his back, and keep him there, while working a ground and pound game strategy to wear the conditioned Blais down, and hopefully get a TKO stoppage or a decision win. Lalonde is improving at a rapid rate, and looks to use some of his new skills he’s picking up, and show everybody he isn’t just a one dimensional wrestler.

The key for Blais to win is to use his versatility and work a good combination of his Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills frustraing Lalonde, and baiting Lalonde out of his gameplan, leaving openings and making mistakes. He is also going to have to be good at getting to guard when taken down, as Lalonde has some serious MMA takedown skills. Blais has the ability to win standing or by submission on the ground, and isn’t worried or afraid of where the match could end up.

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  1. Steve J. says:

    May the best man win that night…However, it seems the stage is set for the classic wrestler vs. well-rounded fighter (striker/grappler) and history shows the outcome of those match-ups. JML’s gameplan is pretty obvious and weak by my opinion. My prediction is Blais is going to bring his A+ game and simply out class his opponent. TKO!

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