Pizza and Pain: Roland Delorme Serves Up Both


Pizza and training – that is the extent of Roland Delorme’s life as he prepares for his professional debut at Ultimate Cage Wars 13: Tap or Snap.  “I wake up, eat, train, go to work, go to sleep and repeat those steps every day,” says Roland (Rolly) Delorme.  But do not think that he is complaining because it is exactly what he wants to do.  “I bought my restaurant so I could train and compete in mma without a boss telling me I could not take the required time off to train or travel to a fight, ” comments Rolly over the phone.

But Rolly, who is 24, is not eating a lot of his Niverville Niakwa Pizza these days.  He has to cut some weight prior to his 140 lb catch weight fight on September 12 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.   Rolly knows his opponent, Dwight Sutherland, has gained a tough, athletic reputation after Dwight pulled off an exciting submission win in his debut at UCW 12: Heatwave.  Rolly also realizes he must be prepared to fight Dwight anywhere in the cage.

While Rolly is an accomplished grappler, winning the Canadian Nationals in Judo as a 16 year old, he is also confident in his standup skills.  “I have been grappling almost as long as he (Dwight Sutherland) has been alive,” claims the affable Delorme, who started Judo at the age of 10.  Initially enrolled in Judo by his parents to “settle him down”, Rolly excelled at Judo and after ten years left the sport as he “accomplished everything he could in Judo.”

Two years later, Rolly wanted to return to fighting and he decided to start his MMA career.  The St. Norbert High School graduate started honing his MMA skills at the Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) under trainer/manager Curtis Brigham.  WAMMA greatly broadened Rolly’s fighting ability.  “I have a great kickboxing and grappling coach at WAMMA and a great trainer/manager in Curtis,” touts Rolly, who is also engaged to be married.  Rolly, Curtis, and a fellow WAMMA teammate also entered the World Jiu-Jitsu No Gi Championships this year.  It proved to be a valuable learning experience for Rolly, who felt a bit “out of his element” and “worried about losing rather than trying to win” during his first match at the event.  Who would not feel a bit out of place at your first big event with Gracies and Jeff Monson and Joe Stevenson walking around?

That experience will serve Rolly well in his MMA debut at UCW.  After losing his No Gi bout in his weight class, Delorme went on to win several matches in the Open Weight category  – realizing after his first match that he belonged on the same mats as these high profile peers.  Now he is a fighter confident in his abilities – be it striking or grappling.  Rolly, who is 2-1 in amateur MMA competition, is not nervous about fighting on September 12.  While realizing he may have an advantage on the ground against Dwight, Delorme plans to “go with the flow” in his match.  “If I do everything I am capable of, I will win.”

Regardless of outcome, the Delorme/Sutherland bout should prove to be very exciting as it features two of Manitoba’s young up ‘n comers.  As for his post-fight future, Rolly first has to plan a wedding with his fiance Gulay, who loves watching Rolly fight.  He also would love to eventually fight his way into the Zuffa-owned WEC, which features fighters at his lower weight class.  “Maybe at that time I can sell my pizza place,” laughs Rolly.

NEXT WEEK:  UCW 13: Tap or Snap Results

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10 Responses to “ Pizza and Pain: Roland Delorme Serves Up Both ”

  1. Don says:

    Great job on showing the depth and backgrounds of both fighters. Now armed with this information, it is hard to decide who “I would like to see” win. As for who “I think will” win the fight I give it to Delorme. Not to knock Dwight as he had a pretty impressive fight at his UCW debut and has a very impressive future in front of him. Sounds to me like Roland has the experience and will be a huge fight for Sutherland.

    I am sure both will do well and it will be an impressive fight to watch.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Remind me to order the pizza, not the pain.

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  3. Come on Lisa, just order the Pain Pizza!

    Wait, Rolly is french, does pain just mean bread?

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  4. Jason says:

    Good luck Roland! Great article as usual.

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  5. marz says:

    i can already hear it rolly takes the win via TKO first round!

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  6. L Daniels/Bone says:

    I’m[28yrs 150lb 5’10] I’ll roll wit Delorme or Sutherland anyday.Brigham knows me!(Keep training& have Fun!)

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  7. Brigham is like a Yoda. He knows lots of people.

    You’d roll with Delorme or Sutherland anyday? As in grapple?

    I’d roll them, then Brigham, and Doerksen and Munduruca! I’d go 0-4 but I’d roll them all!

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  8. Lance Da Savage Indian says:

    Oh ya i trueley love grappling! But i love my punches and kicks elbowZ and kneeZ pressure points & head butts (I train myself)and my 12yr old I’d go 0-5 I hate losing grappling matches without the pain of pressure points and ankle locks. I Like grappling on gravel with no shirt pain iz

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  9. Grappling on gravel with no shirt. I couldn’t see how you could go wrong there.

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  10. greg dyrland says:

    Sooo proud of you Rolly!!!

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