UFC 88 Salaries and Medical Suspensions


UFC 88 Salary Payouts

Chuck Liddell 500,000

Dan Henderson 250,000 (150,000 win bonus)

Rashad Evans 180,000 (60,000 show purse, 60,000 win bonus, and 60,000 for Knockout of the Night bonus)

Jason MacDonald 104,000 (22,000 win bonus, 60,000 Submission of the Night bonus)

Rich Franklin 100,000 (50,000 win bonus)

Kurt Pellegrino 84,000 (12,000 win bonus, 60,000 for Fight of the Night bonus)

Thiago Tavares 73,000 (60,000 for Fight of the Night bonus)

Nate Marquardt 56,000 (28,000 win bonus)

Dong Hyun Kim 46,000 (23,000 win bonus)

Ryo Chonan 30,000 (15,000 win bonus)

Jason Lambert 17,000

Tim Boetsch 16,000 (8,000 win bonus)

Martin Kampmann 15,000

Matt Hamill 10,000

Roan Carneiro 9,000

Matt Brown 8,000

Rousimar Palhares 7,000

Michael Patt 5,000

Medical Suspensions

Chuck Liddell was suspended for 60 days and will require a CAT scan or MRI with a neurological exam before being cleared to fight again after his KO loss to Rashad Evans. Chuck was not going to be fighting in the next few months anyways, so not a huge deal.

Rich Franklin was also suspended for 60 days due to the cut he had over his eye, which was ripped open by a grazing Matt Hamill punch in the first round of their fight.  It looked like they were considering stopping the fight at one point when it was looked at, but the fight was allowed to continue.

Thiago Tavares received a 60 day suspension and will require a CAT scan to evaluate the damage to his nose and “zygomatic arch” before fighting again.

Michael patt received a 42 day suspension and will also require a CAT scan to be cleared again.

Ryo Chonan got a 42 day suspension from a laceration on his right eye.

Matt Hamill was suspended for 30 days from damage received in his TKO loss to Rich Franklin.

Martin Kampmann is suspended for 30 days from his TKO loss to Nate Marquardt.

Matt Brown got a 15 day suspension from a cut he received in his loss to Dong Hyun Kim.

Everybody else received a standard 7 day suspension as everybody fighting in Georgia receives this automatically.

4 Responses to “ UFC 88 Salaries and Medical Suspensions ”

  1. Guy Lachapelle says:

    10K for Matt Hamill is theft! He should be paid way more then that.

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  2. Don says:

    I lost a lot of fantasy money on his as he was supposed to be my long shot. Why didn’t he attempt more take downs? Work that cut? (dirty I know but come on, I had fantasy money on this !!).

    Ultimately, I think he should be sharing his purse with me 50/50 for having such a poor strategy. After all, I was yelling at him all the correct things he needed to do to win from the comfort of my couch and he just wouldn’t listen. I swear that man must be DEAF !! oh wait :)

    Seriously though this was a fight I wanted to see and was pretty high on the card. He really should have seen a little more green.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    In addition to more cash, the poor guy should have had a longer suspension. He took more damage than ANYONE that night.
    It didn’t all show up on his face, but that (seemingly really nice) fella will STILL not be walking right after those big leg kicks.

    $10 000 is a crime.

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  4. i agree, 10k for Hamill isn’t right, but i think more importantly matching him up with Rich Franklin was more unfair.
    He’s only had 5 fights, wheres Rich has had as many title fights, he’s also one of Franklins biggest fans, and he’s deaf. I know his hearing impairment has nothing to do with it, but it is another factor to feel sorry for Matt about.

    I was never really a huge fan of his, but he is really improving fast and looking good. Despite losing to Franklin, he had moments of looking like a veteren, and could have very well won that fight had he pursued the cut a bit more, or did more of the shots that cut Franklin.

    No doubt, about the marking on his face, I’m sure the guy could take a baseball bat or truck upside the head and he wouldn’t even have a mark.

    Sucks Don doesn’t it? My wife lost 21k of Fantasy money on Chuck, and I almost kicked her to the virtual streets.

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