R.I.P. Evan Tanner


UFC.com has announced on their web site that Evan Tanner has passed away at age 37.  The former Middleweight champion’s body was found on the Palo Verde mountains located an hour away from Los Angeles and San Diego.  The cause of death has not been announced by authorities. Tanner was on a solo camping trip which he discussed on his Spike web blog prior to leaving.  He said that any equipment failure could be fatal as he was heading deep into the desert.

Tanner was known for being a warrior in the cage who learned to fight by watching fight tapes and eventually became the UFC Middleweight champion by defeating David Terrell.  He lost his first title defense to Rich Franklin.  His last fight in the UFC cage was against Kendall Grove on June 21, 2008.  He had recently returned to the UFC following a two year layoff.

Cageplay.com wishes to express its deepest condolences to Evan Tanner’s family and friends at this time.

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  1. I had the honor of meeting Evan Tanner this past July when i was in Gatineau for Freedom Fight. I was cornering Robin Black, and his friend Ian Dawe had Evan Tanner in his corner. We hung out a bit, and he was a very down to earth and humble person. He was very soft spoken, and didn’t speak alot, but whenever he spoke, it felt like you should take notes, and sometimes I didn’t even realize how genius his comment or advice was, until i had given it much further thought.

    I really enjoyed reading Evan’s blog over the years and following his adventures, and it was neat meeting him, and I was a bit starstruck, and reading of this news this evening was surprising. My heart bleeds for Evan’s family and friends and especially my connection to Evan, Ian Dawe.

    RIP Evan

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  2. Dustin Ferguson says:

    Though he might’ve not always lived the model lifestyle, Evan was a great ambassador of the sport of MMA.
    He showed much respect as a competitor, and was very respected in the world of MMA, a legend of the sport, one of the best. And an inspiration for his battles in and out of the cage, RIP Evan you will be missed by friends, fans, and all who are a part of this sport. My prayers go out to your family.

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  3. Ian says:

    Evan was the most genuine, truest friend Ive ever known. Thank you for your kind words. BELIEVE in the POWER of ONE.

    Ian Dawe

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  4. Thank you for introducing me to such a great person Ian. I was always a fan, but after having met him through you, he became a legend in my opinion.

    Here’s a great Evan Tanner quote.

    “Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world. It is something that is within each of us.”

    – Evan Michael Tanner 1971-2008

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  5. Jason says:

    R.I.P Evan.

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