UFC 88 Aftermath and Bonuses


Rashad Evans was going into the biggest fight of his career last night an underdog, and not many people gave him much of a chance at defeating the longtime Light Heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell as the UFC had their first Atlanta UFC last night.  Chuck had pretty much been guaranteed a title shot against Forrest Griffin if he achieved victory.  In the 2nd round Rashad landed an overhand right that knocked Chuck out cold, and Rashad won the biggest fight of his career.

At the post fight press conference Dana explained that they didn’t have much choice in giving Rashad the next title shot after his stunning and violent KO of Chuck Liddell that will be on highlight reels for years to come.  Between the Sean Salmon and Chuck Liddell highlights, you’d almost think Rashad can do more than just wrestle.

So we’ll have a Season 1 vs. Season 2 winners of Ultimate Fighter squaring off for the Light Heavyweight title.  Who’d have imagined in such a stacked division that two ultimate fighters would stand atop this crop of fighters which include Wanderlei Silva, Quinton Jackson, Chuck Liddell, and a host of others.

Also announced at the post fight press conference were fight of the night bonuses. Rashad won KO of the night with his spectacular Chuck Liddell KO, and the bonus money probably hasn’t even registered in his mind yet.  60K is what he gets for his efforts in addition to his regular win purse, not to mention the ridiculous advertising opportunities now, as he is the #1 contender for Forrest Griffin’s title.

Submission of the night went to Jason MacDonald as he wins his 4th Bonus in the ufc taking 60k for his dominant victory over Jason Lambert securing a Rear Naked Choke Submission victory.  MacDonald was submitted himself by Demian Maia for submission of the night at UFC 87 but he quickly erased that memory and got back on track.

Fight of the night went to undercard fighters Thiago Tavares and Kurt Pellegrino as they battled to a very back and forth decision with Pellegrino edging out Tavares by unanimous victory in a bout that could have went either way.  Both fighters are winners when they cash their 60k bonus cheques for their efforts.

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