Pride of Peguis Dwight Sutherland Returns to the Cage


Out of 56 members of Peguis Central School’s 2008 graduating class, how many were considering cage fighting for their future career path? Dwight “The Kid” Sutherland knew it was in his future – his first professional fight was already scheduled for later that month and like all fighters, he dreams of one day fighting in the UFC cage. Justin Knox was Dwight’s debut opponent at UCW 12 in Winnipeg and Dwight emerged victorious. Sutherland submitted Knox via triangle choke – holding on to the choke even after Knox slammed Sutherland to the mat.

Dwight Sutherland - Victorious over Justin Knox

Dwight Sutherland - Victorious over Justin Knox

So what does a 17 year old cage fighter do after winning his first pro match? “I was tired and my shoulder was sore from the slam, so we just headed back to Peguis that night,” says The Kid. Dwight, who also plans to become a welder, is surprisingly quiet and very respectful which is in direct contrast to his crowd-pleasing antics during his introduction at UCW 12. An estimated one hundred boisterous friends and family from Peguis and Winnipeg attended the last Ultimate Cage Wars show and they sounded like a thousand when Dwight was introduced. “It would have been two or three hundred more people if the convention centre allowed minors to watch the fights,” claims the 145 lb fighter, as none of his former schoolmates were old enough to watch his debut.

All-Around Athlete

Dwight Sutherland is a multi-sport talent. He will be competing in a canoe marathon with Bill Spence in New York later this year. He is also planning to enter the Grappler’s Quest tournament with his Bears Den teammates and trainer Chris Stranger in Las Vegas this December. Sutherland also has medaled in provincial table tennis, is an active hockey, baseball player, and a cross country runner. He started his fighting career when his dad Wade entered him into Chris Stranger’s wrestling tournament in Peguis one and a half years ago. From there he trained with Stranger’s Bears Den team and won three amateur MMA fights in Peguis (1 TKO, 2 Submission).

Roland Delorme from WAMMA is scheduled to be Dwight’s next opponent on September 12 on the UCW 13 Tap or Snap card. Is Dwight concerned about facing someone from a club much larger than his Bears Den club? “I have no worries (that Delorme is from a larger club),” answered Dwight, “I have Chris and great teammates who support me a lot and I have been training hard – countless hours a day.” Expecting Roland to be very good on the ground, Chris Stranger, who has trained Dwight for the past year, stated, “We are preparing Dwight to fight anywhere.”

Bald Eagle Military Academy

Fighting anywhere is a mantra of Sutherland’s, but he does not start them. Dwight recently completed a voluntary six week program with the Canadian military at Wainwright, Alberta. Attending Bald Eagle Academy with a group of 16-21 year olds who passed the physical and mental requirements for admittance, Dwight was constantly involved in physical activity, including hand grenade training, from dawn to dusk. One army Sergeant who had previously boxed and served twice in Afghanistan and once in Bosnia demanded to fight Dwight, whom he heard was a cage fighter. “The Kid” obliged the Sergeant and proceeded to submit him in less than 30 seconds.

Surely this military training camp was tougher than training at the Bears Den. “Not so,” says Dwight, “I gained 10 pounds at the military academy and I thought I was going to die when I went back to my training sessions at Bears Den with Chris.” Currently, Dwight is in Winnipeg training daily with his coach in anticipation of Roland Delorme. Hopefully all this training at Bears Den results in victory for Dwight when he returns to the UCW cage on September 12.

Dwight and Bears Den trainer Chris Stranger

Dwight and Bears Den trainer Chris Stranger

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  1. Lisa says:

    Go Dwight!

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  2. I’m very proud of Dwight he’s a good guy with alot of respect.. Can’t wait to see him in the cage again.. I know he’s ready for his fight ! I will be one of the fans cheering on.. GO DWIGHT GO !

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  3. I’m really looking forward to this fight. Both are great young guys that are up and comers, and they could meet a few times over the years.

    Best of luck to both!

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  4. kendall henderson says:

    pte sutherland! kick his ass mannn!!!!…good luck bro

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  5. Cpl Gillman (Jamie) says:

    I look forward to watching your next fight Pte Sutherland!!!
    Keep your chin up

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  6. Jon says:

    I played hockey with this guy a few years back he’s a solid athlete. Bets of luck to em!

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  7. Evander Masuskapoe says:

    man dwight,, you should let me come train wit u buddy

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