Gleison Tibau out with Marcus Aurelio in versus Hermes Franca


Gleison Tibau has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 90 matchup with Hermes Franca, but in to save the day is fellow American Top Team teammate Marcus Aurelio.

This fight is interesting as Franca and Aurelio had been previous friends and training partners, and know a great deal about each other.  Hermes was with ATT for years before having a split and since departure from the team.

Franca will most likely change up his gameplan as Aurelio presents a different set of challenges than Tibau would have brought to the fight.  The main issue is size, and Tibau has to be the biggest 155er our there. Franca will now be fighting somebody more his size, and also a similar style.  This fight is on the undercard, but I’m sure it has the potential to be fight of the night, and hopefully can somehow make it on to the pay per view for the fans at home.

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