Kimbo vs Shamrock; Spider vs Liddell and GSP Gossip


Kimbo vs Shamrock; Spider vs Liddell and GSP Gossip

Kimbo Slice’s next opponent, has been announced, and it is none other than ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’, Ken Shamrock. Shamrock is coming off a poor performance in March, where he lost to Robert Berry in London, England. Slice is also coming off a sub-par showing when he was dominanted by ‘The Collossus’, James Thompson eventually earning a questionable TKO victory during EliteXC’s show in May of this year. Shamrock isn’t exactly a high calibre opponent for Kimbo, but he has a big enough name that should draw major attention for EliteXC.

This past weekend, a bold statement from UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva’s camp appears to be sending tremours throughout the industry. While Silva states he is not looking past CDN Patrick COTE, his next opponent at UFC 90 in Chicago, his camp made it crystal clear that if the UFC were to offer up Chuck Liddell, they would not hesitate to take this fight . That would be a huge superfight for the UFC, but let’s be honest, Liddell needs to concern himself with Rashad Evans at the main event of UFC 88: Breakthrough, September 6th, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Speaking of superfights, I spoke with Georges St-Pierre’s manager to get the goods on a whack of GSP gossip. First off, we know that his superfight with BJ Penn will take place in January 09, during Superbowl weekend. The fight has not been signed yet but there doesn’t appear to be anything preventing it from happening. GSP is heading to Brazil to work on his jiu-jitsu game for the next few weeks, while his management looks to finalize a deal with the UFC. Sounds like a deal is imminent and I also got word we may be seeing GSP in the movies soon…more on that in the coming weeks.

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  1. Matt D. says:

    I’d watch a Spider vs. Liddell matchup. The Spider would most likely kill him, but you can’t deny that Liddell would have a puncher’s chance.

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  2. Nate says:

    Time for a party… I guess I’ll have a bunch over for the next cage fight!

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