Rampage / Silva III and GSP Responds To Hughes


As the UFC begins cementing the rest of it’s lineup for 2008, many fingers are pointing to a possible trilogy between Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and ‘The Axe Murderer’, Vanderlai Silva. Both fighters are in agreement that this fight needs to happen but there are two roadblocks that need to be addressed: Rampage’s legal issues and the proposed date of the fight.

While it appears the UFC is confident Rampage’s legal issues will not be a hinderance for this bout, I would leave that up to the court’s to decide, not Zuffa. As for his opponent, I spoke with Shawn Tompkins today, one of Vanderlai’s muay thai trainers and he stated that Silva wants this fight to happen in December and not in November, which is when the UFC wants this fight to happen. The December card is already stacked with the heavyweight title fight, a light heavyweight title fight and a potential welterweight title fight. It’s going to be interesting to see what the UFC will do to sweeten the pie for Silva, who is very adamant on not fighting in November.

Georges St-Pierre’s performance at UFC 87 garnered him a standing ovation from the crowd at The Target Centre with the exception of one person. Former UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes was not impressed with GSP and actually left the building. On his personal blog, Hughes scockingly stated:

‘…halfway in the third round I got up and walked out of the arena and went to my hotel. The fight wasn’t the most exciting and I wanted to get out of there before everyone else was getting up to leave.’

On last week’s Showdown, I asked GSP for his thoughts:

” No he (Hughes) was not the toughest fight. You just have to look at the result of our fight. I get him in 2 rounds and Jon fitch stayed there for five rounds. He’s part of the new breed of fighter. The old guys don’t realize it but it’s the truth. ”

Although comical, perhaps Hughes felt insulted when GSP said Fitch would be his toughest oponent to date; or perhaps Hughes’ actions were in memory of UFC 79, when he made another early exit, that tiime vs St-Pierre in Round 2.

3 Responses to “ Rampage / Silva III and GSP Responds To Hughes ”

  1. I hear that Shogun may be signed to face Rampage now.

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  2. Jason says:

    Would be cool if the Shogun we all knew from Pride shows up.

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  3. Got to love the UFC. Rampage is a mess, in trouble with the law, broke up with trainer, and possibly facing civil suits, and they put in front of him two guys who have beat him up a combined three times – Shogun and Wandy.

    Its almost like they know he is in big trouble so lets get some $$$ out of one big fight before he goes to jail. I am sure Rampage would have rematched with Forest if he did not go beserk in California, because the UFC would not want the title on a felon.

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