Gladiators Muay Thai & MMA Weighin Results


The weighins for Gladiators Muay Thai & MMA was a fairly short and sweet affair taking less then an hour to have all the fighters come, weighin, get their licenses from the commission. Maureen Black from the Manitoba Boxing Commission was overseeing the action. Some fighters were a few pounds under, while others were late, and right on the button.

Fighters were stuffing their faces with food and water after weighins, as they rehydrate from making the cut. Everybody made weight with Jon Henderson, the last fighter to show up being a 1/2 pound over on the first try, then hitting 155 even on the 2nd attempt seconds later.

Demian Decorah who is facing Rodrigo Munduruca has a considerable experience advantage, but looks like he could hit 205 with a bit more dedication. Rodrigo will have a big size advantage, and Decorah better bring something special to the ring if he plans on challenging the local favorite. Rodrigo previously mentioned in an interview that he’d be looking to get a win over Chris Tuscherer by the end of the year. Decorah lost to Tuscherer a few years ago, and really wants to play the spoiler in this fight, derailing the undefeated Munduruca’s plans.

Here are the breakdowns of everybody’s weight.

Dave Zuniga (170) vs. Jose Sulsona (170) ** Muay Thai

Brendan Seguin (182) vs. Chris Fontaine (184) ** MMA

Shane Campbell (153.5) vs. Adam Higson (150.5) ** Muay Thai

Demian Decorah (226) vs. Rodrigo Munduruca (264.5) ** MMA

Neal Fox (159) vs. Mark Durant (160) **Muay Thai

Mitchel Kaye (152) vs. Curt McKinnon (154) **MMA

Luis Ragama (151) vs. Jon Henderson (155) **Muay Thai

Roland Larson (167.5) vs. Justin Bernard (169) **MMA

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