MMA Fanboy Heads to UFC 87


In 1975, I was five and I became a huge hockey fan.  Denis Potvin was winning the NHL Rookie of the Year and he became my favorite player.  I followed his New York Islanders team loyally.  Whenever they came to town, I hassled the Islander players and coaches for autographs and sticks at the arena.  I even got to put on one of Al Arbour’s Stanley Cup rings.  I devotedly followed the NHL until they left Winnipeg in the 1990s.  I was now married and had a family and did not have time for such foolishness.

Now as I pack for UFC 87, I laugh at how I have come full circle.  Like many, I watched the early UFC cockfighting but drifted away as Tito Ortiz and Frank Shamrock rose to glory.  MMA caught my eye once again with Chuck/Randy I and TUF 1 hooked me.  Now, I cannot get enough MMA.

While in Europe last year, I managed to attend UFC 72 in Belfast.  While watching live, I got to speak with Eddie Sanchez as Tyson Griffin stole a victory from Clay Guida.  Later, I talked with Brandon Vera, Tyson Griffin, and I managed to get photos with Joe Rogan and Randy Couture.  I was 5 again.

I stay up until the wee hours to watch DREAM.  I downloaded all the old PRIDE and UFC shows that I missed.  I watch the FIGHT Network religiously.  I root for my home team (any Canadian fighter) and I was thrilled to sit at a table with Joe Doerksen at Ultimate Cage Wars (even though I did not talk to him once).  I also cheer for the gimmick fighters like Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice.  While writing this, Brian Stann is losing his WEC Light-Heavyweight title on my TV.

This weekend, I will be at UFC 87 to see GSP defend his title. I am taking my MMA converts:  my wife, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law to their first UFC.   I hope to catch my first weigh-ins and maybe bump into a fighter while we walk around Mall of America or Valley Fair.

Why did ask me to write for them, I don’t know.  The closest I come to training is watching my kids at Judo twice a week while listening to Sherdog podcasts on my iPod.  I am no expert, I am a MMA fanboy.

Next Week:
A Fanboy’s impression of UFC 87 from Minneapolis.

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  1. Jason says:

    Nice Job! First comes fanboyism, then fanaticism!

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  2. It’s exactly that. Being a fanboy as you say, means people will relate with your stories.

    I wish I was you right now at 87! So maybe others would too?

    You are very thorough, are on top of the sport, and add value to the site. We appreciate your contributions immensely, and look forward to your continued 87 coverage.

    Dana White was a fan boy once. Even even though President of the UFC, still is also. I think that’s why he’s as successful as he is, is the fact that he is passionate about what he does, and is genuine.

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