Pete Rodley speaks about Attack


You have all emailed or called me about an unfortunate incident that occured at the Best Western hotel in Gatineau on the morning of July 27. I have read some of your “reports” on this terrible act and I am disgusted at many of the assumptions that I have read in various articals.

I have run proffessional MMA events for many years and have never seen any of my athletes cause any problems at all. Our sport is one of honour and respect and none of our athletes involve themselves in violent activities. I personally have NEVER encountered any violence or hostility before, during or after any of my events. To assume that because we are involved in a combat sport, that MMA events and athletes would do something like this is very insulting!

If you have chosen to write responsible reports about saturday nights event, I applaud your efforts and thank you for not assuming that Mixed Martial Artists are the type of people to be involved.

Here are some simple facts about the violent events that you all have been asking about.

No Freedom Fighters or MMA athletes who were guests at my show were the people who performed these terrible acts.

There were several injuries but nothing to the extent that I have read in some reports.

Everyone who was attacked is fine now.

On Saturday July 26th I hosted a historic event which was highlighted by 3 title bouts, the MMA debut of CFL great Glen Kulka, the MMA debut of Robin Black as well as 6 other dynamic and entertaining bouts. I will gladly answer any questions about the show at any time.

Thank you,

Pete Rodley
Freedom Fight Productions

3 Responses to “ Pete Rodley speaks about Attack ”

  1. Pete Rodley says:

    wow those are some harsh and innacurate words. You are entitled to your opinion but Im thankful that my reputation over rides any attempts to discredit me. Ive never been cut out of any shows and I pride myself on treating people fairly especially the athletes. I wont waste any more time on this post because the facts speak for themself.


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  2. Wow, I missed this original post. I have to strongly disagree with these statements. Nobody has ever accused Pete of being aScam artist?

    He’s had partners and usually chose to work alone, or with a new time, like Pete says, he’s never been cut out.
    Ask fighters of his cards what they think of Pete?

    Freedom Fight will live on!

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  3. Riff-Raff says:

    I have been to a number of Mr. Rodleys shows and have competed on 3 of them and anxiously wait to compete on another show. I have never been treated with anything but absolute courtesy and professionalism from Pete and I know of a lot of other fighters who feel the same. Someone should check their facts and I can’t wait for the next Freedom Fight. How close where you former fan that you know about what happened and can condone it.

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