Freedom Fight 2008: Title Quest Results


Freedom Fight owner and promoter Pete Rodley deviated from the Freedom pattern and put on his second event this calendar year and Nobody left disappointed. There were entertaining fights from 135 to 280 pound fighters, everybody put it on the line, and everybody came away from the event a better fighter. Those who didn’t have it go their way, will learn from their mistakes and return possibly by years end for a rumored third Freedom event in October – November.

The crowd was very educated and into the fights. Most of the floor was from Toronto, while the larger portion of the stands being from Ottawa, so it made for a great friendly rivalry vibe to it. with
fans cheering and booing the fighters on with encouragement and good fun that makes the sport so obviously exciting for the fans. The referees had a few questionable calls, and it’s rare to see
triangle submissions being stopped when a fighter isn’t being choked. I’m not sure the referees understood the techniques being applied, and were using their lack of knowledge of the moves as part of the rules, by saying a fighter was almost finished. I’m sorry but it was pathetic and I felt very sorry for a few fighters, who despite being in bad positions, were not ready nor deserving to have their fights stopped when they were.

On to what I could remember of the fights. I wasn’t taking notes, and am going by memory, so hopefully this explains how the fights went down as well for you, as it was for me.

Stephane Bernadel vs. Mike Walton

The fight is mostly standing with Stephane being the crisper of the two, using his kickboxing skills to keep his distance, move in and out laterally and connect when he threw anything. The side of Mike’s head was very red from all the kicks and punches it took, but he’s a tough kid fought a tough fight. They ended up on the ground and Stephane won by RNC in the 1st, but it was the referee stopped the fight. Mike was in a bad position, but was still defending when it was stopped. Good win for Stephane in front of the hometown crowd. It was all Stephane, but the referee dropped the ball on this one.

Louis Phillip Carlos vs. Chris Hulme

Good exciting back and forth match with both fighters having dominant positions only to lose it. Hulme was more aggressive and was landing better elbows and strikes when he was in a position to do so. Louis Phillip reversed often and was still in the fight though. In the second the fight appeared to be stood up but the referee stopped the fight. Hulme had tapped, there was a bit of confusion. Louis said he put his hand over Chris’s mouth and he tapped. Chris said he was
fish hooked. Either way Louis gets the win by submission and both fighters looked good for up and comers.

Joey Ayres vs. Clint Martin

Very entertaining fight with both fighters landing some hard punches, putting their opponent in big danger, only to find themselves getting hit themselves. Clint Martin got dropped by a big shot and got back to his feet, instead of pouncing on him Joey smiled and touched gloves, and in the next exchange Clint landed a hard shot dropping him, and went in for the kill getting the TKO victory in the first round.

Nick Porteous vs. Rob Tracey

Nick didn’t look like the rising star he once was in this fight, and Rob took full advantage. He did great and really took it to Nick, catching him in a choke very early in the fight. Nick battles hi sway
out of it, and was able to maintain top position, just didn’t capitalize. When back on their feet Nick was trying to get the takedown, but didn’t have the energy he needed. He ended up getting
tapped out by Rob in a choke. Big win for Rob Tracey, despite being a small welterweight. I talked to Nick after the fight and he knows what he needs to work on. When we see him again, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Don’t ever underestimate this guy.

Markhaille Wedderburn vs. Stephane Lamarche

This fight evenly matched with alot of reversals. It was a great tough fight with both guys having their moments, but didn’t have the same heat expected out of this two rivals. Markhaille was going for a triangle but didn’t quite have it locked on. The referee was slapping at the hands and stood the fighters up. I thought it was a bad call to stand them up at this moment, as they were still jostling for position and Markhaille was trying to get the arm across to finish the choke, but the ref actually stopped the fight. This was a terrible call and the fighters can’t be faulted, the ref should be explained how the rules of MMA work, as if that was a justified call, then hundreds of submission attempts that are half assed will be winning fights, and everybody should just train jiu jitsu since a
near submission is considered a win.

Ian Dawe vs. Remi Morvan

This was the most exciting fight on the card, filled with back and forth action with both fighters getting caught by the other in submissions throughout the fight. Ian had Revi’s back a number of
times, and Remi had Ian in a deep armbar earlier in the fight, as well as a few lower body submissions. Ian fought through and escaped all. Ian gained dominant position on the ground and was landing some hard shots, the referee looked close to stepping in and halting the action, but the round ended and Remi needed a hand from his corner getting back to the stool. The third round starts and Ian swings big and over commits and gets clinched and taken down. He ended up getting caught in a rear naked choke, but was able to defend. Remi had one arm sunk in and the referee stopped the fight. Dawe wasn’t impressed and wasn’t happy with the referees bad call, but took it like a champ, and was gracious in his unjust defeat.

Not that’s it’s any excuse but this was Ian’s third opponent in a week, in 3 different weight classes. Big kudos to both guys for taking the fight on a days notice. Definitely looking forward to seeing both these fighters back in the ring soon.

Robin Black vs. Chris Myra

Myra starts strong by landing some hard punches, spinning Robin around. Robin is a little disoriented, but keeps his composure and is able to get a few takedowns, get to mount a few times, the round ended with Robin mounting Chris but unable to capitalize.

Second round starts and Robin throwing a high kick, which misses, but gets Chris’s attention. Robin gets Chris in a headlock, and lands a few knees, as his corner screams to make him an inch shorter!
Chris escapes and they end up on the ground, Chris sneaks on a triangle choke that Robin ends up tapping to. Myra gets his first win in his new weight division, and Robin Black is officially a pro MMA fighter. (Joe Doerksen gave his seal of approval as well, which really makes it official)

Robin proved he deserved to be in the ring, and despite not getting to display everything he’s been training the past few years, he still proved he belongs, and works as hard as any fighter out there. This translates into his instincts being sharp, and look for Robin to work even harder on his game, and will definitely be back stronger than ever.

Glenn Kulka vs. Wayne Xilon

Glenn comes out and instantly starts landing some big punches. Wayne is trying to get his composure and land something back or clinch Glenn, but he is too big and strong, and Glenn continues to land alot of punches, and some BIG knees. Glenn wins by TKO in his MMA debut and takes out the X Man when he gets him in the corner and lands ruthless strikes until the referee wisely calls a stop to the action.

Impressive debut for the 44 year old ex CFL and WWe star Glenn Kulka. He looked very big and strong, and agile for a guy his size, and really looking forward to seeing this guy added to the heavyweight division. The division is starved for talent, and this is a great addition.

Andre Desrochiers vs. Ilya Woronoski (Freedom Fight Heavyweight Title Fight)

Ilya is throwing some big bombs and has Desrochiers in big
trouble. He is able to control the action and land some hard strikes and opens a huge cut on Andre’s head that is bleeding pretty bad. He is able to reverse position and land a few shots, Ilya turtles and Andre finished strong with punches. The fighting Major Andre Desrochiers is the first ever Freedom Fight Heavyweight champion. (I wonder if Ilya regrets drinking the 3 days leading up to the fight?)

Mark BOOTS Holst vs. Kris STORM SHADOW Donaldson (Freedom Fight Lightweight Title Fight)

Boots lands a few hard punches early in the fight and Kris is in trouble. He was able to score early, and take advantage of his experience and kickboxing skills, with a nicely executed gameplan to strike and move, or strike in the clinch, often never in danger while inflicting damage.

The round goes the distance with Boots able to land punches and knees throughout. Kris showed how tough he is by hanging in there and still throwing some god punches back. His power was getting lower as the fight went on, but for his 2nd fight, he showed alot of heart and look for big things out of this young fighter. The round ends and nor the referee or doctor take a look at Kris. He took alot of big shots, and was also cut. Nobody once looked at it.

The 2nd round starts and Boots lands a hard punch dropping Kris. The referee stopped the fight, but wasn’t really communicative to the fighters what happened as Kris got to his feet Boots was ready to pounce, as he wasn’t clearly explained the fight was over. He knew it was over, and waited for the ref to say if it was over or not. Classy move by Mark where he could have landed some more strikes, but he is a champ and proved it with his skills and sportsmanship. Look for big things out of this rising 155 pound Freedom Fight lightweight champ. I was impressed with Kris’s heart but thought this fight could have been stopped a bit sooner, and felt he wasn’t given the proper attention.

Motard vs. Vujokic (Freedom Fight Welterweight Title Fight)

The fight starts out quick, and they are on the ropes. Motard lands a huge punch that knocks Steve down and the referee stops the fight. Big TKO victory for the first ever Freedom Fight Welterweight

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